The global influence of Chinese banks has continued to rise

  Five lists selected for the global system importance bank list in 2023-

  The时事热点 global influence of Chinese banks has continued to rise

  The Financial Stability Council recently released a list of global system importance banks ("G-SIBS") in 2023.A total of 29 banks were selected this year, and 5 Chinese banks were on the list. They were Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Bank of Communications.Among them, the Bank of Communications was selected for the first time.

  It is understood that the list of important banks of the global system is co -organized by the Financial Stable Council and the Basel Bank of the Bank of Basel. It has been announced every year since 2011.The selected banks occupy an important position in the global financial system and are closely related to the stability of the global financial system.

  "From 2015 to 2023, the global G-SIBS average score rose from 227 to 231, showing a steady upward trend." Du Yang, a researcher at the Bank of China Research Institute, said that China's G-SIBS score has risen from 161 to 242, and in recent yearsThe rapid development of asset banks and the steady increase in global competitiveness is highly fit.

  "G-SIBS has a pivotal position in the global financial system, and often takes stricter regulatory measures to ensure stable and sustainable development and ensure stability of finance and financial security." Said Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of Zhailian.

  Compared with last year, there have been no major changes in head banks on the list this year.At present, the fifth group (the highest gear) continues to be vacant, and the adjustment of the second group of the list is more obvious.In addition to seven banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Bank of China to continue to maintain this group, the Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank and UBS Group rose from the first group to the group.The Bank of Communications, which was selected for the list this year, was in the first group.

  Regarding the rise of the two commercial banks in my country, Du Yang believes that in the context of the pressure of the real economy in recent years, the state -owned banks have significantly improved the ability of the real economy, and the financing of credit investment supports key areas and weak links Demand has become an important factor in the rising scoring G-SIBS scoring.

  It should be noted that the G-SIBS list is a recognition of the importance of banks, which also means to face higher capital regulatory requirements.At present, Chinese-funded G-SIBS capital supplement pressure is high.

  Experts point out that my country's economy is currently in a critical period of recovery growth. Commercial banks, especially systematic important banks, must give full play to the role of head geese and consolidate the foundation of economic stability.

  Du Yang suggested that the Chinese banks selected for the G-SIBS list need to enhance capital supplementary capabilities. By comprehensive use of tools such as fixed increase and convertible bonds to further supplement capital and alleviate capital pressure.At the same time, accelerate business transformation, vigorously develop off -balance -scale business such as wealth management, custody, and investment banks, improve the level of handling fees and commission income, and slow down the increase in risk -weighted assets while expanding revenue to ensure the sustainability of development.