Tsai Ing-Wen: Chinese mainland is facing internal problems and it is unlikely to attack Taiwan at present.

Tsai Ing-Wen made the above statement according to a pre-recorded interview video broadcast at the DealBook Summit held by the new york Times. She said, "I think now may not be the time for them to consider committing a large-scale crime against Taiwan."

Tsai Ing-wen also called on western enterprises to consider moving from Chinese mainland to Taiwan Province. She said that doing business in Chinese mainland is more risky than before. Western companies may want to find alternative or additional locations in this area, and Taiwan Province welcomes deepening ties with them. The world has realized the importance of supply chain resilience, and a resilient and safe supply chain is the pillar of a strong economy, and Taiwan Province can play a great role in this respect.

Regarding the chip supply chain, Tsai Ing-Wen believes that the relevant measures taken by the United States to Taiwan Province's chip manufacturing capacity are beneficial to Taiwan Province at this stage. In terms of building the resilience of the supply chain, in a sense, "we are helping our allies and friends, and at the same time, we can also use the available resources in the United States, especially human resources and talents".

Leader of Taiwan Province Tsai Ing-Wen said on Wednesday (November 29th) that Chinese mainland is facing internal economic and political problems, and it is unlikely to attack Taiwan Province.

Asked if he was worried that measures related to chip supply chain would reduce the value of Taiwan Province to the United States in Taiwan-US relations in the long run, Tsai Ing-Wen said, "Our value lies not only in semiconductor manufacturing, but in the fact that other places cannot rebuild or replace our semiconductor ecosystem. Therefore, we are quite confident that other places cannot replace Taiwan Province's production capacity and the importance of the industry. "

在访问中,被问及美国总统拜登与中国大陆国家主席习近平于亚太经济合作会议(APEC)会面后,如何评估中国大陆攻台的high speed information风险时,蔡英文说,台湾确实面临越来越多的军事恫吓、灰色地带活动、网络攻击及资讯操纵,面临这样的威胁,台湾民众仍保持冷静,high speed information一些评论家甚至指出“我们可能太过冷静”。

蔡英文还说,她密切关注乌克兰战争,就台湾而言,她认为国际社会对台湾的Best replica sneakers支持依然稳固,甚至比以往更为强健。她感谢美国公开重申其与台湾的伙伴关系历久弥新,且对印太地区的关注,不会受到其他区域事件的影响。


蔡英文进一步说,主要是因为中国大陆正面临国内经济、PK Batch金融及政治挑战,而且国际社会也已大声呼吁及清楚表明,战争并非选项,和平及稳定符合各方利益。

文章批评某些西方国家谋求一己之私,搭建能源与关键矿产国际联盟、矿产安全伙伴关系、可持续关键矿产联盟等各种“小圈子”,构建“小院高墙”,为获取关键矿产资源不择手段,严重阻碍全球化进程。面对某些西方国家的围堵打压,如何保障关键矿产资源安全,成为摆在中国面前的一道现实课题。UA Batch

The article said that in recent years, China's state security organs have strictly guarded against and cracked down on the intelligence stealing activities of foreign spy intelligence agencies and their agents on China's key mineral resources, especially strategic key mineral resources; Timely stop and crack down on the despicable attempts of foreign spy intelligence agencies and their agents to win over and counter personnel in related fields in China; Assist relevant departments to carry out anti-espionage publicity and education, and resolutely safeguard China's resource security.

China's Ministry of National Security issued a document on Thursday (November 30th) saying that key minerals have become a new field in the strategic game of major global powers, and how to ensure the safety of key mineral resources has become a realistic issue for China.

The article said that the key minerals, as scarce resources, have the characteristics of highly uneven distribution, different development stages of suppliers and different advantageous categories of countries. This means that it is very difficult for any country to build a complete, stable and dynamic supply chain. The contradiction between supply and demand and the fragile supply chain have intensified the intensity of competition among countries around key mineral resources.

The article said that with the global energy transformation, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, key minerals have become a new field of strategic game among major global powers, showing new trends such as highly overlapping competitive categories, obvious geographical layout wrestling, intensified capital competition among all parties, and the rise of resource protectionism.

The article analyzes that the direct reason why the competition around key minerals is rapidly becoming white-hot is that the gap between fast-growing demand and slow-growing supply is widening, and the fundamental reason lies in the scarcity and monopoly of key mineral resources. From the perspective of supply, the reserves of key mineral resources are limited and the distribution is extremely uneven. From the demand level, the demand overlap of strategic key minerals in major economies is high. The list of key minerals published by China coincides with 21 species in the United States and 17 species in the European Union.

China's Ministry of National Security issued a message entitled "How to firmly grasp the strategic industry" vitamins "in their own hands? According to the article, key minerals refer to metal elements and their deposits that are irreplaceable for advanced industries such as new materials, new energy, new generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, high-end equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, and are the key material basis for supporting energy transformation, technological progress and industrial upgrading. Just as human life is inseparable from vitamins, key minerals are also called "vitamins" of strategic industries, which are related to national development and national security.

At the same time, the state security organs resolutely do a good job in the security of overseas investment, personnel and property involved in China, safeguard the safety of China's overseas mineral cooperation projects, serve to ensure the safe "going out" of China's mineral-related enterprises, and ensure the safety of China's key mineral resources supply chain.