The first -line Morning Post of Zhizhi | The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded to the 2G / 3G retirement of the network; the radio frequency giant Zhu Shengwei responded to the

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1. Nvidia's internal employees have recently sold intensive selling,breaking news reducing their holdings of the market value for at least six years high

According to the official Weibo of Cai Cai quoted Washington Service data, the insiders of Nvidia sold it in November or applied for the sale of 370,000 Nvidia shares. The market value of this part of the stock was about 180 million US dollars.EssenceIn November, Nvidia rose 14.69%, ending the performance of two consecutive months. On November 20, it hit a record high with a closing of $ 504.09.

Comment: The large -scale reduction of employees may involve many factors behind it, and it needs to be observed in detail.First of all, the collective selling stocks collectively internal employees may be based on their cautious views on the company's future performance. Their reduction of holdings may reflect a certain degree of concerns about the future trend of the company or the adjustment of personal financial planning. Second, this behavior is also.It may be that employees saw a good opportunity after the company's stock price reached a record high and chose to cash out.The company's stock price hit a record high of $ 504.09 on November 20. Employees may regard this as a favorable time to sell to achieve personal investment profit.For the company, transparent communication should be carried out in a timely manner to explain the reasons for employee reduction to avoid unnecessary suspicion of the market.Under the high volatility environment of the stock market, timely and clear communication is essential for maintaining investor confidence.

2. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology responded to 2G/3G retirement related issues

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology emphasized when answering netizens' suggestions on ensuring the basic communication functions of old mobile phone users that 2G/3G Returning the net is an inevitable choice for the update of mobile communication networks and the main practice in the current international practice.But mobile communication refund the net is not simply "retreat".Under the premise of fully protecting user rights, we need to improve user protection measures.

Comment: 2G/3G Retreat is an inevitable choice for the upgrading of the mobile communication network, which is also the trend of international communication technology.By promoting the application of new technologies, the speed, stability and capacity of the communications network can be improved, and providing users with better communication services.

However, at the same time, when returning from the network, we need to improve user guarantee measures. While advancing technology upgrades, it is also necessary to fully consider the actual needs of old mobile phone users.Communication work to prevent the discomfort and dissatisfaction of possible users.The user's basic communication needs should be fully valued. It is necessary to ensure the basic communication functions of old mobile phone users and ensure the smooth communication of users during the transition period.

3. RF giants Zhuosheng Wei's response price increase: more reasonable improvement of resource use efficiency, and plan to adjust price adjustment for individual models

Recently, a "price adjustment letter" was circulated in the market about a radio frequency giant Zhu Shengwei (SZ300782, the stock price was 132 yuan, and the market value was 70.462 billion yuan), which mentioned that the "some radio frequency devices were affected by the current situation and the current demand was staged."The increase", so the price of some materials will be raised.

On December 5, the company said that the price adjustment was "to improve the efficiency of resource usage more reasonably, and it was intended to adjust the price of individual models."

Comment: Zhuo Shengwei's price lifting response shows a adjustment strategy adopted by the company under market fluctuations, which has a certain rationality for maintaining the stability of the enterprise and adapting to the market developments.However, when price adjustment, enterprises need to find balance points between rationality and market stability, and slow down the negative response of the market through effective communication and interpretation.

4. Shang Tang's further response report: The speculation and conclusions of the report have no basis

On the evening of December 5th, in response to the short report released by the previous short of the Grizzly Research LLC, Shang Tang responded again that the company reiterated that the report contains unprecedented speculation and misleading conclusions and interpretations.The company's board of directors has reviewed the report and believes that the speculation and conclusions in the report have no basis.

In the report released by the Grizzlies before, it was questioned that Shang Tang falsified income and core facial recognition business was weak.

Comment: In response, Shang Tang made it clear that the company's board of directors had reviewed the report, and believed that the relevant speculation and conclusions had no basis.This highlights the company's self -confidence in its own business, and through the method of reviewing the board of directors, it shows the emphasis on transparency and corporate governance, which also helps improve the market's confidence in the company's financial transparency.The company still needs to strengthen communication with the public in the future to comprehensively respond to market concerns.Transparent communication can help clarify the company's operating conditions and financial conditions, and further stabilize market confidence.In addition, the company can provide investors with more comprehensive awareness through detailed data display and explanation for the weak business growth mentioned in doubts.

5. Gu Xingfa, academician of the Academy of International Astronautics: China's commercial aerospace development is at a critical moment, and it is recommended that local governments promote the application of satellite technology in the field of emerging industries

A few days ago, Gu Xingfa, an academician of the Academy of International Astronautics, academicians of the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, and chairman of the China Remote Sensing Committee, said in an exclusive interview with the "Daily Economic News" reporter that the development of Chinese commercial aerospace has indeed entered a critical moment: strong demand, mature technology, and mature technology.governmental support.In order to make the industry really mature and achieve profitability, the government needs to promote the application of satellite technology in emerging fields such as tourism, agriculture, and insurance.He also suggested that when promoting the development of the satellite industry, local governments should be guided by local needs, developing the application of characteristic industries according to local conditions, and grasping advantages to achieve differentiated competition.