With a total investment of about 2.8 billion US dollars, Beijing-Hong Kong industrial cooperation Fengtai signed a big order.

People's Daily Online,特快资讯 Beijing, November 30 (Reporter Bao Congying) On the afternoon of November 29, the Beijing-Hong Kong Industrial Cooperation Forum and the special promotion meeting on "Investing in Beijing" were held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. This promotion focused on the key cooperation areas and industrial development direction of Beijing and Hong Kong, and signed a number of major projects. Among them, Fengtai District actively integrated into the development of economic globalization and the high-level opening-up pattern of the capital around the functional orientation of the international exchange center, attracting the favor of powerful central enterprises and Hong Kong capital. A total of four projects were successfully signed, with a total investment of about 2.8 billion US dollars.

Among the contracted projects, the successful signing of clean energy base construction projects such as water scenery in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Lanmei region has attracted much attention. It is understood that the project is jointly implemented by Huadian Haitou New Energy Company, which is planned to be established in Fengtai by Huadian Overseas Investment Co., Ltd., an overseas investment platform of China Huadian Group, and Nanwang Yunnan International. The relevant person in charge of Huadian said, "This signing will help Fengtai District Government and Huadian to consolidate the foundation of mutual support, and at the same time increase the regional interaction and coordinated development between the two sides in Hong Kong and Beijing; It will bring new opportunities for the two sides to jointly implement the' the belt and road initiative' initiative, jointly introduce green investment and realize green transformation. "

At the scene, Minsheng Education Group Co., Ltd. also successfully signed a contract with Fengtai District, and will invest in the construction of an Internet platform project for talent digital intelligence service industry. The relevant person in charge of Minsheng Education Group said that the Fengtai District Government's series of "hard core" policies and support measures for the introduction of large-scale enterprises and emerging enterprises have attracted more and more high-quality enterprises and investors to come to Fengtai District for development. This time, Minsheng Education Group settled in Fengtai with the Internet platform project of talent digital intelligence service industry, and it is full of confidence and determination for the future.

At the same time of "bringing in", a number of Fengtai enterprises "went out" at the Beijing-Hong Kong meeting, demonstrating the achievements of Beijing-Hong Kong cooperation. Among them, as the first comprehensive medical delivery company focusing on prescription drugs in China, Center Science and Technology Group, its products and services cover the whole cycle of patients' "seeking medical treatment-medication-disease management-payment" and provide value for participants such as "patients-hospitals-doctors-pharmaceutical companies-payers". At present, its IPO in Hong Kong is under way.

Cui Xulong, member of the Standing Committee of Fengtai District Committee and deputy head of the district, said that since the implementation of the "Multiplication Plan" and "Partnership Plan" this year, Fengtai has set up an industrial cooperation platform for enterprises in the region and established a regional international chamber of commerce to help enterprises in the region meet the needs and expand their business. While promoting the coordinated development of upstream and downstream industries in the region, it has truly helped enterprises to take root and develop in Fengtai.

The reporter learned that at present, Fengtai District has issued a number of policies with high gold content around a number of key areas, such as "Feng Jiu Tiao" around industrial upgrading, "Unicorn Eight Tiao" and "Hi-tech Eight Tiao" around scientific and technological innovation, "New Opening Five Tiao" around open development, and "Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation and Development of Modern Financial Service Industry in Fengtai District" around financial development, and so on, and has built an "enterprise life cycle industrial service system" and continuously expanded its core.