Performing the political birthday to the beginning of the party

On December 27th,热点新闻 in order to guide party members to deeply understand the original intention and learn from the power of forge, the three party branches of the Jianguhan Musichan Project Construction and Management, with the theme of "remembering the party's first heart of political birthday", organized a solemn and warm party day event.In order to build the three parts of all party members, all party members have collectively spent the "political birthday".

During the event, all party members unified wearing party emblems, facing the oath of party flags in the three party members' activity rooms of the three party members.The party members have a firm look and solemn expression, and the vowing vows when they revisit the party have further stimulated the political enthusiasm of party members and enhanced the sense of gloriousness, responsibility, and mission of party members.

Subsequently, everyone combined with their own experiences to share the original intention and unforgettable moment of joining the party.Party members have said that under the strict education and training of the party organization, they have made great progress in all aspects of political thinking.As a part of the construction of the Jiangsu and Han Dynasty project, it will be more strict in the future, strictly hold discipline, do not humiliate the mission, work hard and dedicated, and work hard, practice the vows of the party when joining the party, take the lead in playing the role of the pioneers of the party members, and promote the leading river to attract the river.High standard construction of the Han Dynasty.

In the end, members of the party branch sent a political birthday greeting to the party members, hoping that all the party members of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts of the three parts can not forget their original intentions, keep in mind the political identity, firm the political direction, adhere to the lofty ideals, and take the actual action to practice the original mission of the original mission., Contribute to the construction of high standards for promoting the high standards of the Jiangu and Han Dynasty.