The library economy is very promising


  Since 2023,突发新闻 the library has repeatedly boarded hot search.The National Library has become a popular "Internet celebrity punching place". Almost every day's reading room allows people to harvest the joy of giving knowledge for free.The resource library is shocking.Seemingly ordinary libraries are now more possibilities.  


  Behind the library, a reality is that the number of public libraries in my country is far from matching the actual needs.According to the "Cultural and Tourism Development Statistics of 2022", at the end of 2022, there were 3303 public libraries across the country, with an average of more than 420,000 talents owns a public library, which shows that there is still much room for improvement in the construction of public libraries.Space means potential. The library is well done, which can become a driving force for high -quality development of the economy. The library economy is very promising.The development of the library economy is to provide diversified services with the development model and operating mechanism of the library under the background of the information society and the knowledge economy. 


  The library can help the community "embedded" development.The "Implementation Plan for the Construction Project of Urban Community Embedded Service Facilities" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission requires that on the basis of improving the basic public service facilities of the community, through the combination of transformation and new construction, vigorously promote the moderate, economical, and efficient service communities.Construction of embedded service facilities.Priority construction and reconstruction function of composite community embedded service complexes to provide residents with one -stop services.From the perspective of development trends, the community library has exceeded the traditional scope of borrowing books, but has developed into a venue for providing comprehensive services to community residents.In addition to providing a place to learn and enriching the lives of the people, it can also be used as a community children's activity room and self -study room, technical training classrooms for practitioners, "maker spaces" of entrepreneurs, or as urban stations, for cleaning workers, courier, etc.Provide services. 


  With the rise of "research fever", more and more libraries have also become a study site, "drainage" for regional cultural tourism integration and development, helping regional cultural tourism integration and night economic development.For example, some libraries have become popular on the Internet because of their science fiction architectural design, attracting many young people to check in, and objectively attract passenger flow to the local tourism development.For another example, with the introduction of the concepts of night reading abroad, domestic public libraries have also begun to hold reading promotion activities at night, gradually forming the trend of the public library industry, which enriches the form of night economy in many places.Injecting cultural atmosphere.As an important place for social culture, the library provides public space and resources while increasing the soft power of the city.