The real estate market will move from the adjustment period to a stable period



  At present,热门新闻 my country's real estate market is still in the adjustment cycle.In 2023, the real estate market showed a trend of stability before high, middle, low.It is expected that after a period of adjustment, it will gradually transition to stability.We should have confidence in the steady and healthy development of the real estate market, and the demand determines that there is still much room for growth in the market.In the long run, the adjustment of the real estate market is beneficial to my country's economic growth and sustainable development, but in the short term, we should pay attention to preventive risk.


  Like other industries, the real estate industry cannot always maintain high -speed country's real estate starts from the reform of housing commercialization after 2000. By 2020, it has continued to maintain high growth in nearly 20 years. There are three indicators to prove that from 2003 to 2020, the average annual increase in real estate investment has increased by 19.9%. The average annual sales area increased by 10.8%, and the average annual increase of commercial housing sales increased by 20.3%.Some scholars believe that China's real estate has used high -speed development in less than 20 years, and has gone through the journey of some developed countries for hundreds of years.The continuous high -speed expansion of real estate has made important contributions to the growth of China's economy at that time.However, after the growth of the real estate industry has reached a certain stage, it is normal to enter the adjustment period. This adjustment is conducive to eliminating backward production capacity, and it is also conducive to structural optimization, especially for the high -quality development of the real estate industry.


  The current problems encountered by the real estate industry have a lot to do with the old development model.The real estate market is still in a state of demand and dual -directional contraction, and the liquidity risk of enterprises has not been completely eliminated.The demand for new housing is declining, the real estate market is different from cities, and some cities have a state of supply greater supply, and the market is relatively sluggish.In the past, the "three highs" model of "high leverage, high turnover, high debt" of the real estate industry had brought high -speed growth to the industry, but it also accumulated risks and no longer adapt to the current market situation.The real estate industry should explore the new development model while actively resolving risks.


  The adjustment of the real estate industry has long been conducive to the sustainable development of the entire macro economy.Over -dependence on infrastructure and real estate investment in my country's economic growth model may achieve higher growth rates in the short term, but it will solidify structural contradictions and sustainable damage growth.High -quality and sustainable development are more important. To cultivate new growth points, this is a way to country's economy needs to get rid of excessive dependence on the real estate industry, and the real estate industry also needs to get rid of the "three highs" model in the past.The real estate industry chain is long. It often has the effect of "leaving the whole body" for the entire macro economy. The adjustment of the real estate industry and developing in a healthier direction are also an important part of my country's economy to achieve high -quality development.


  The current real estate market is facing major transformation.The process of market adjustment is also a process of actively seeking new development opportunities and realizing transformation and development.The real estate industry should actively adapt to a new situation of major changes in market supply and demand relationships. This is based on the judgment of my country's economic and social development stage and the laws of real estate itself.Although the problem of "whether there is" housing is basically solved, the structural lack of structuralness still exists.From the perspective of demand, the people have higher requirements for housing quality, and hope to live better houses and get better services.The direction of transformation and new development opportunities are hidden in the new situation.Urban renewal, old community reconstruction, housing leasing, property services, and affordable housing, urban village reconstruction, "emergency two -purpose" public infrastructure construction, etc., can all become the direction of active exploration of the real estate industry.


  The confidence of the real estate industry comes from the market still has a large demand space, and the real estate industry is seeking a new country's per capita GDP has just exceeded $ 12,000, and the urbanization rate is 65.2%according to the permanent population statistics, and the statistics of the household registration population are only 47.7%.Therefore, in terms of the number and quality of urbanization, there is a lot of room for improvement, which means that my country's urbanization trend will continue, the urban population will continue to increase, and the demand for basic houses is still strong.In addition, the average housing area of ​​my country has reached about 41 square meters, but there are many small and medium -sized units in the structure. As people's living standards improve, the potential for improving the improvement of housing is also very large.


  The risk of prevention in the real estate industry is still not relaxed.Introducing various real estate regulation policies and actively promoting the steady and healthy development of the real estate industry is an important measure to prevent risks, including reducing the proportion of down payment and reducing mortgage interest rates. Commercial banks and borrowers discuss more preferential interest rates.wait.At the same time, financial institutions support real estate companies to reorganize debt and support the real estate market mergers and acquisitions. These regulation measures have achieved some positive results.In the future, my country will further weaken the level of risk of the real estate market and prevent the risk of the real estate market.Guide the liabilities and leverage rates of real estate enterprises in an orderly decline, and optimize corporate asset -liability structures.One treaties to meet the reasonable financing needs of different ownership real estate companies, and maintain the steady operation of the real estate market.(Source of this article: Economic Daily Author: Kang Shu)