The increase in the heating cost of the ISM service industry in the United States has slowed down

Thehot topic Zhitong Finance APP was informed that data released by the US Supply Management Association (ISM) showed that in November, with the rebound of business activities and employment, the US service industry expanded faster than October.Its price split index has decreased slightly, hitting a new four -month low, and the employment points index has risen slightly, the first increase in the past three months.

Specifically, the ISM service index in November was 52.7, which was higher than the expected 52.3, and the October index was 51.8. The data in October hit a new low of five months, and a single month decreased by 1.8 percentage points. ThisIt is the biggest decline since March this year.This index remains above 50, indicating that the service industry is still expanding.

In terms of the main sub -item index, the business activity index rose from 54.1 in October to 55.1 in November.This index corresponds to the factory output index in the factory data in ISM manufacturing data.The index fell by 4.7 percentage points in October, setting the largest monthly decline this year.

The new order points index remains at 55.5.This index was only 51.8 in September, the lowest point so far in 2023.The recovery of new orders in the past two months has brought some hope to future business activities, representing future needs.

The employment index rose slightly from 50.2 in October to 50.7 in November, which has risen slightly in the past three months.In October, this index hit a new low of five months.The price split index decreases slightly by 0.3 points to 58.3, which is the lowest point in the past four months, but it is still at a high level.This means that although the cost is still rising, the increase has slowed down.

Inventory indicators rose sharply by 5.9 points to 55.4, the largest increase since May.Inventory emotional indicators also rose significantly by 7.8 points to 62.2, setting the highest point since the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.Data show that the inventory increases and is considered to be too high from business activities.The decrease in the backlog order, from 50.9 to 49.1, means that orders for manufacturers or other service providers in the next few months may decrease.