The introduction of the plan to accelerate the construction of the "1 hour life circle" in Fuxia

The实时新闻 Fuxia high -speed rail has been opened for more than 2 months, and the connection between Fuzhou, Xiamen and cities along the high -speed rail are getting closer.How to use the opportunity of high -speed rail operations to build a "1 hour life circle" in Fuxia, and drive consumption, deep integration and coordinated development of high -speed rail areas?The Provincial Department of Commerce recently issued the "Accelerating the Construction of the" 1 Hour Hour Life Circle "to help the implementation of the implementation of high -quality development of business" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), and proposed the in -depth integration of business, culture, and tourismAmong them, Xiamen will cultivate the construction of international consumer center cities, and improve the commercial quality of Xiamen Zhongshan Road, Xiamen North Station and other areas, enrich the business format, and attract the gathering of people, logistics, business flow, and capital flow.

Create a consumer gathering area with fireworks

The "Plan" proposes to vigorously cultivate foreign consumption so that tourists will slow down, stay, and live in Fujian.To achieve this goal, the existing commercial consumption format and quality need to be fully improved. Young and fashionable "urban fireworks" will be the keywords for business improvement.

According to the plan, our province will improve a number of consumer agglomerations with urban fireworks, including Xiamen Zhongshan Road, Fuzhou Yantai Mountain, Quanzhou West Street, Zhangzhou Ancient City, as well as experience -based consumption of Putian Baiwei International Beer Festival and Minjiang Night Tour.Scenes and business formats continue to gather popularity, prosperous, and nominated.The business department also encourages the use of the big data capabilities of the Internet platform to provide a must -eat list, a must -play list, a must -live list, etc. for cities along the Fuxia high -speed rail, and connect more consumer scenarios for consumers.

Improve the quality of business district around Xiamen North Station

Site close to the high -speed rail is also the focus of the quality of the consumer scenario.The province plans to promote the cultivation and construction of international consumer center cities in Xiamen and Fuzhou, and support the upgrading of consumer consumer scenes around Xiamen North Station and Fuzhou South Station.Consumption potential.

Our province will guide the construction of a large -scale business district of the high -speed rail transportation hub of Xiamen North Station, and increase the high -speed railway pass through the Xiamen Metro Line 1 and Line 4 business welcoming business belt to enrich the Happiness of Vanke Plaza around the North Railway Station, Dadu Hui, Wangfujing Ora, Wangfujing Ora, Wangfujing Ora, Wangfujing, Ora, Wangfujing, Ora, Wangfujing, Ora, Wangfujing, Ora, Wangfujing, and Ora, Wangfu Jing,Jimei Mong Kok Commercial Plaza's commercial format, forming a consumer resource agglomeration center that integrates comprehensive transportation transfer, business office, commercial transactions, and tourism services.

Construction of business travel function gathering zones along Fuxia

Our province plans to build major exhibition halls such as Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center and Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center to build a business and tourism function gathering area along the Fuxia line.Cooperation and interactions such as competitions, expand the convention and exhibition consumption, encourage the exhibition along the Fuxia high -speed railway and surrounding cities, and expand the scale of the exhibition.Our province plans to make the business district of the railway station into a comprehensive blessing display and exhibition platform, supporting the opening of the blessing experience hall in the waiting room and the business district near the station.