The new progress of "Evergrande's Prosecution Evergrande": The litigation notification has been delivered, and the capital involves more than 2 billion yuan

On December 5,一线资讯 China Evergrande announced in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The incident proposed to the company and three related subsidiaries of about 1.996 billion yuan and temporarily calculated about 152 million yuan.The company will consult legal opinions to safeguard legal rights.

On November 28, Evergrande Property issued an announcement saying that about 13.4 billion yuan of deposit pledge was enforced by relevant banks, and the wholly -owned subsidiary Jinbi Property to Shenzhen Qisai Metal Materials Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Guangjuyuan Real EstateDevelopment Co., Ltd., Evergrande Real Estate Group Guiyang Real Estate Co., Ltd., Evergrande Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. and China Evergrande Group (responsible party) for the pledge of about 2 billion yuan for pledged guarantee for the enforcement of the bank's enforcement.The Intermediate People's Court filed a lawsuit.

"13.4 billion yuan deposit was pledged" in the process of reviewing the annual financial report of Evergrande Property.According to the results of the previous "13.4 billion yuan deposit pledge" incident, from December 28, 2020 to August 2, 2021, 6 subsidiaries of Evergrande Property passed 8 commercial banks in China to be a number of third parties.The company (as the guarantee party) financing provides the pledge, and the relevant funds are transferred to China Evergrande through some of the guarantee parties and many channel companies (after deducting costs).The purpose of this pledge is to continue to use the special financing business to obtain funds for other operations and financial needs of the group, including liabilities or payables paid at different time in 2021.

From September to December 2021, due to the expiration of the pledge guarantee period and the conditions of triggering the realization of pledge rights, the total value of the pledge of the Evergrande Property Affiliated Corporation of Evergrande Property Company by the bank was 13.4 billion yuan.According to previous announcements issued by Evergrande Property, the deposit of its pledged deposits is divided into three groups, the first group of deposit deposit guarantees of 2 billion yuan, the second group of deposit deposit pledge guarantees of 2.7 billion yuan, and the third group of single pledge guarantees of 8.7 billion yuan. ThisSeeengda Property recovered the first set of deposit orders to Evergrande in China.

Recently, China Evergrande's "troubles".On December 4, China Evergrande issued an announcement saying that a report on December 1 on December 1 has published a report on the company's never profitable, which has no actual basis.In addition to being short, China Evergrande is also working hard to respond to liquidation caused by the debt crisis.

China Evergrande announced that the Hong Kong High Court approved the company's extension application on December 4, 2023, and further extended the company's listening hearing to January 29, 2024, which made China Evergrande temporarily breathe.

Market information shows that China Evergrande's liquidation dates back to 2022.On June 28, 2022, China Evergrande announced that Top Shine Global Limited of Intershore Consult (SAMOA) Limited (Invited) submitted to the company's liquidation to the company's liquidation on June 24, 2022, involving the company's company'sThe amount of financial obligations was HK $ 862.5 billion.According to statistics, from June 2022, China Evergrande's liquidation has been extended for the seventh time.From the perspective of the industry, the main reason for multiple extensions is that Evergrande's own debt.

A market news pointed out that Evergrande China is trying to propose a debt restructuring plan at the last moment to avoid the possible liquidation.It is reported that this plan includes some of the debts held by overseas creditors to the equity of the company and the two Hong Kong -listed subsidiaries.