The number of national and local joint construction of new energy storage innovation centers has been approved by the National Innovation Center to continue to maintain the number one in the country

TheCurrent Affairs Arctic Star Energy Network was informed that a few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province formally approved and agreed to rely on Guangdong New Energy Storage National Research Institute Co., Ltd.Guangzhou Baiyun District.This is the first national and local manufacturing innovation center in Guangdong, and it is the only national innovation center in the new energy storage field.So far, Guangdong Province has 5 national manufacturing innovation centers, and the number has continued to maintain the number one in the country (a total of 29 nationwide).

The National Manufacturing Innovation Center is an important national strategic force and an important strategic layout of the manufacturing industry. There are only one layout in each field.In recent years, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have attached great importance to and vigorously developed a new energy storage industry. The new types of energy storage industry markets in Guangdong Province have been active, the industry scale has continued to grow, and it has a good industrial technology innovation environment.The energy storage center is led by the new energy storage industry application -side enterprise Nanfang Power Grid, and 13 new energy storage materials, chips, batteries, systems, systems, systems, systems, and systemsIntegrated, investment and operation, etc., upstream and downstream leading enterprises adopt the development model of "company+alliance" to develop the industry's cutting -edge and common key technology research and development, establish a coordinated innovation mechanism for production, research, research, strengthen the use of intellectual property protection, promote commercialization of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the commercialization of scientific and technological achievements.Standard standards lead and guarantee, serve the public entrepreneurship innovation, build multi -level talent teams, and encourage the development of eight major tasks such as international cooperation to carry out construction and operation.The Energy Storage Center has led the establishment of the Guangdong New Energy Storage Industry Technology Innovation Alliance, covering a national innovation platform with more than 85%of the new energy storage field. It has established a technical expert committee composed of 10 academicians.The five major areas of energy storage, superconducting energy storage, thermal energy storage, and hydrogen energy storage, focusing on large -capacity, high safety, long life, and high efficiency of large -scale energy storage equipment and technical research to achieve the core common of the key core of energy storage.The development of technology development, transition and diffusion, and first commercialization of the first commercialization, from R & D investment, R & D implementation to technology diffusion and complete construction of a new energy storage field for innovation value chains.

Since 2016, Guangdong Province has focused on the requirements of national key areas, and builds a provincial -level manufacturing innovation center at high standards to create good cultivation conditions for the creation of the National Manufacturing Innovation Center.At present, 40 provincial -level manufacturing innovation centers and 1621 provincial enterprise technology centers have been cultivated.Established), 5 national manufacturing innovation centers including new energy storage, 46 leading enterprises and scientific research institutions inside and outside the province as the construction of the national manufacturing innovation center as the shareholders unit participated in the national manufacturing innovation centers.Industrial innovation services, initially build a manufacturing innovation system with the national manufacturing innovation center as the core, the provincial manufacturing innovation center and the provincial enterprise technology center as an important carrier.