The people's life circle enhances happiness (warm and hot review)

  [Keywords] Bus Stubbines

  [Incident] In the public bus stations such as Maguanying,高速资讯 Fengtai District, Beijing, and Lulu, Shijingshan District, the "retired" buses were converted to the Shimumin Post Block, providing community residents with diverseThe service is welcomed by the surrounding people.Since March of this year, Beijing's bus stools have opened more than 20 places, serving more than 500,000 people, making up for the shortcomings of the community service supply, which has provided help for the construction of the people's life circle.


  Before going to work, go to the "Bus Breakfast Shop" to buy a share earlier; go home from get off work and buy vegetables and fruits on the "bus vegetable car"; there is a need for small repair and small supplements. The convenience service complex opened by the corner space of the bus site station, which aims at the needs of the masses, "what is missing and supplements" reflects the principles of convenience and benefit the people.This is also the inherent requirements of the construction of the people's life circle. Only by taking the service carefully can we make good facts in the hearts of the masses.

  Where is the convenience service point?The space in urban areas is limited, the construction cost of residential areas is high, and the transformation is difficult.Innovative space utilization forms to improve the efficiency of space resources in the community and surroundings, convenient services can better integrate into the life circle.With the space around the residents, there are actively exploring all places: in Taiyuan, Shanxi, some old newspapers and periodical pavilions have been transformed into stalls, and Xiaoxiu Xiao Bu returns to the street;Effective guarantee.Regardless of the release of various types of business house resources, or using the old factories, warehouses, open space after demolition of illegal buildings, etc., the convenience service point is built as possible in the place where the residents are closer to the community.Essence

  What should be in the life circle?From the development of "one store early in the morning", to supplementing "one dish and one repair", to serving "one old and one child", in recent years, the construction of the people's life circle in my country has achieved remarkable results in recent years.With the gradual improvement of the living circle, the development of the quality and improvement of the development of the quality of the living circle has become the meaning of the question that further builds a minute to build a clock.Beijing's bus stack to open up the "supercharge harbor" with high -power charging piles and shared parking services when opening the wrong error; Jiangsu Suzhou Development Commercial, Leisure, Culture and other functions of the "neighborhood center" community business model;"People's Gym", coffee huts, etc. introduce communities ... Focus on the needs of the people in many places, innovate the format of the people's life circle, and continuously improve the quality of life of residents.According to the needs of residents, innovate community consumption scenarios, and send the "one -stop" service to the doorstep, so that the living circle can become more comfortable and enhance the happiness of the people.

  In a minute, the construction of the people's life circle is wide and wide, and it involves a variety of subjects. It is not enough to rely on government departments alone.The "Three -year Action Plan for the Construction of the Municipal Life Circle of the City (2023-2025)" proposed that "mobilize the strength of all parties and explore the formation of long -term mechanisms."Professional institutions are introduced in some places to systematically plan community business. By establishing a standardized service system and special product line, large -scale operations and professional management not only allows residents to enjoy better and more convenient services, but also formed a available available.Experience for reference.Everyone picks up firewood and encourages various social subjects to participate in order to gather more funds, talents, and technology to help the construction of the people's life circle.

  There is no end to serve the people.Leading innovation, guided by the needs of the masses, continuously optimize the layout of community business outlets, open up the service "last mile", and the people's life circle will definitely contribute more for guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood, restoring and expanding consumption.