The prosperity recovers ing ... Vietnamese stock market is low time to take a good time

Vietnam's economic data performance is 特快资讯better than the previous value and expectations. Recently, the revision of the real estate business law and housing law has been continuously reducing uncertainty and conducive to the medium and long -term development order of the real estate industry.After the Vietnamese stock market experienced a decline in the mid -September to the end of October, the economic force was expected to move towards the recovery track, paying more attention to the time of the Vietnamese stock market layout.

The Risheng Vietnam Opportunity Fund Research Team stated that as of the end of November, Public investment expenditure implemented about 65.1 % of the year's plan, which made the government once again call on various ministries and provincial governments to accelerate the allocation of public investment to promote economic growth.After the recent market amendment, the evaluation has reached a relatively low -end.Recently, Congress has continuously passed the revision of the real estate business law and housing law. After the revision of the real estate business law is revised, the sales regulations for pre -sale houses for developers are more stringent.In addition to increasing the willingness to purchase pre -sale houses, the risk of capital contribution can also promote the healthy development of the industry.

Vietnamese real estate stocks have experienced difficulties in the difficulties last year and early this year. The revision of the housing law will provide industry housing to provide more clear procedures and greater elasticity, and also expand the target of social housing.Developers.

Zhang Chenwei, Manager of the Vietnamese Opportunity Fund of China Trust, pointed out that Vietnam's foreign exchange base has shown a trend of monthly increase due to the FDI, the gradual transfer of trade revenue and expenditure, and tourism revenue.The long -term trend, and the central bank of Vietnam has issued short -term tickets from the market in September to recover the money from the market. In addition, the short -term tickets issued earlier will expire, and it is expected to inject more liquidity into the market.

The Vietnamese shares have previously amended that the differentiation of individual stock performance will increase the importance of stock selection. After the stock price is corrected, its investment is more attractive after the amendment of the stock price.For investors who are continuously optimistic about Vietnam, through active Vietnamese opportunity funds, they are all good low -connecting opportunities.