The first in the country!Successfully put into production!

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my country's largest ultra -thick oil field--

Xinjiang Oilfield Fengcheng Oilfield Work Area

Ultra -thick oil mining accompanied by comprehensive resource utilization project

Formally put into operation and operation

This Popular informationproject can capture 30,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year

It is equivalent to nearly 1.5 million trees

In recent years, Xinjiang Oilfield has closely focused on the national "dual -carbon target" and the development plan of petroleum green low -carbon transformation, and fully promoted CCUS technology innovation and industrialization applications, and vigorously develop new energy business.In July 2022, Xinjiang Oilfield Wind City Oilfield Ultra -thick Oil Mining Accompanying Comprehensive Resource Use Project was launched. It was officially put into operation and operation on December 15 this year, which marks the beginning of my country's ultra -thick oil CCUS industry. Duan -the commercial operation stage.

The work site of the work area of Fengcheng Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield Company, which is officially put into operation.Photo by Xu Zhiyuan

At the beginning of construction, Xinjiang Oilfield Fengcheng Oilfield operating area adopted an ultra -thick oil heat collection process.In order to solve the problem of some steam and no organization emission in the process of ultra -thick oil mining, in 2017, a closed transformation project was launched in 2017.This is the first time that my country has applied a closed transmission process in the ultra -thick oil production system.

During the research on the mechanism of qi, scientific researchers found that crude oil and water could cause water -heat cracking reactions to produce carbon dioxide and methane accompaniment.As the temperature is higher, the greater the production of gas.This is also the first time in the history of China ’s ultra -thick oil development in the history of super thick oil accompanying qi resources containing a lot of natural gas and carbon dioxide resources.The discovery not only enriched the theoretical foundation of the entire system to develop ultra -thick oil collection, but also expanded the effective use of the effective use of ultra -thick oil development back -end resources, laying a theoretical foundation for the development of CCUS series measures for Xinjiang Oilfield Wind City Oilfield Operation Area.

Since 2015, Xinjiang Oilfield has carried out carbon dioxide -driving oil, carbon dioxide anterior increase in cracking, carbon dioxide throughput, and has achieved carbon dioxide injection and burial. The economic benefits of oil -enlarging have considerable economic benefits.the road.

Next, Xinjiang Oilfield Fengcheng Oilfield Operation Zone plans to apply carbon dioxide to Urhho oil fields, Xiazi Street oil fields, oil fields, and throughput measures, and to increase the oil dioxide geology while adding oil.This also opened a carbon emission reduction circular industry chain for Xinjiang Oilfield.

PetroChina always upholds

The concept of "Green Water and Qingshan is the Golden Mountains and Silver Mountain"

According to the national "carbon -to -peak, carbon neutral" requirements

It will establish a sound green low -carbon circular development economic system

Take the road of oil green development in China

Special reporter: He Yang

Original title: "The first in the country!Successfully put into production!"