Weishui Sword | The enthusiasm for melting ice and snow is the way of hospitality

The时事新闻 enthusiasm for melting ice and snow is the way to hospitality

□ Weifang Rong Media commentator Xue Jing

  According to Zhongxin Jingwei, on the morning of December 18, the first day of the Harbin Harbin Snow and Snow World of Heilongjiang Province was on the first day of the queuing time, and tourists could not play hot projects they wanted to play. Someone shouted "refund".On the 19th, Harbin's ice and snow world issued an apology, saying that "deep reflection on the service and rectification of the service" has attracted attention and appeared on the hot search.On the morning of the 20th, a staff member of the Harbin Cultural Tourism Bureau responded that the scenic spot has returned to normal, and the popular projects have canceled the appointment system.

  In the weather of more than 20 degrees Celsius, I was full of expectations for a few hours, but in the end, I did not play the items I wanted to play. No matter who encountered this situation, it would probably be complained.Therefore, although some netizens "shouting unjust" for the big world of ice and snow, they believe that some people are "taking advantage of chaos", but the fundamental is that the scenic area has not fully prepared and inadequate on -site management is the key reason for the emotional excitement of tourists.

  The Grand Ice and Snow World is not held in the first year, and this year is the 25th.The scenic area should have accumulated rich experience, or to have a complete emergency plan for a long time to accommodate how many people and how to ensure these issues.But looking at the scene, you can't say that a mess is also a hurry.In the scenic area, there are not only online celebrity projects such as "Snow Ferry Wheel" and "Super Ice Slide", but also traditional handicrafts such as ice sculpture and snow -shaped with high artistic value.However, because of the lack of dynamic line settings and crowd diversion, tourists have not successfully punch -in net red projects nor mood to watch other works.

  Every winter, when it comes to Harbin, many people subconsciously think of the ice and snow world.For so many years, the Big Ice World has become a golden sign of Harbin Winter Travel.Therefore, when facing accusations, you may wish to be more rational.Instead of attributed these problems to "regional black" and "ugly human nature", it is better to enlarge the pattern, and the vision is farther.The projects in the ice and snow world are not static. Now that the project is changing every year, management measures and service plans should also change together.Aware of the shortcomings and actively improved to create better conditions for future play. Isn't it "win -win"?

  With sincerity, you can change the tourists to praise and affirm the truth.The enthusiasm in the ice and snow is hard to come, and keeping this enthusiasm with heart, will not live up to the mood of people from the north of the South China Sea to this snow and snow feast.