The six major banks are dispatched!One -on -one visit or convening of housing enterprises discussions are expected to systematically increase support for housing enterprise financing clubs

Bank of ChinaAs well asPostal saleThe爆炸新闻 latest revealed that recently,bankWith one -to -one visits or discussions with real estate enterprises. At this point, the six major banks have exchanged with the needs of real estate companies in the near future. By strengthening bank -enterprise docking, helping to build a new model of real estate development, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate marketEssence

Earlier, a financial institution symposium jointly held by the three departments such as the people requested that each financial institution adhered to the "two unshakables", and one equally satisfied with the reasonable financing needs of different ownership real estate to the industry analysis, the recent business -intensive housing enterprise symposium was held to release positive signals that support the reasonable financing needs of real estate companies. It is expected to alleviate the pressure on the liquidity of housing enterprises and benefit the improvement of the quality of the banking asset -related assets.

A one -on -one visit or convening a discussion of housing enterprises

Six major banks collectively dispatched

Up to now, the six major countries have completed communication with real estate enterprises and other forms.The latest announcement on the evening of December 4 stated that recently, the bank had in -depth exchanges with eight real estate enterprises through one -to -one discussions, and discussed new ideas for cooperation in real estate industry banking and enterprises under the new situation.It was also said on December 4 that the main person in charge of the party committee, management and relevant institutions of the bank visited a number of real estate companies to conduct one -to -one exchanges around deepening banking enterprises and the development of the real estate market.

Before that,ICBCAs well asABCAs well asConstruction BankAs well asBank of CommunicationsEtiquettes have expressed exchanges or discussions with real estate companies in the near future.Judging from the information of the six major banks, the communication methods of banks and housing companies are different.Some banks dock a number of key real estate companies, adopt one -on -one -to -one forms to conduct in -depth business exchanges, and discuss bank -enterprise cooperation under the new situation.Some banks convene a symposium for banks and enterprises to support real estate companies' reasonable financing demand, and many real estate representatives attended the meeting.

From the perspective of the business ownership of the exchange, there are also differences.For example, the exchange of real estate companies cover state -owned enterprises, mixed ownership enterprises and private enterprises.The visiting companies are a number of mixed ownership and private housing companies.Many banks have announced the list of specific real estate companies for exchanges.Longhu Group, Vanke Group,Xincheng HoldingsAs well asBinjiang GroupAs well asBeauty Real EstateDahua Group's six real estate representatives attended the meeting.Bank of ChinaThe main person in charge of the party committee, management and related institutions visited Greentown Group, Vanke Group ,,,,, Xinghewan Group, Dahua Group,Jinhui GroupWaiting for housing companies.

Yan Yuejin, director of research director of the E -House Research Institute, said that financial institutions held a seminar or one -on -one visit and exchange of financial institutions were the current list of housing companies in the 16 periods of finance in the current financial period of last year.Many, the financial investment policy that treats equally, from December of this year to January next year, banks may formulate a clearer and quantifiable financial support solution.

From the perspective of the content of the exchange, banks and housing companies have conducted in -depth discussions on future cooperation.For example, according to the talks,Postal saleIn the first time, the key support list of non -state -owned housing enterprises is issued to clarify business strategies to ensure accurate drip irrigation.It is said that in the next step, focusing on rigid and improving housing, rental housing and other fields, three major projects such as "urban villages, housing, and emergency use"Real estate developmentLoans, personal housing mortgage loans,MergerLoans, merchant loans, and bond underwriting and investment have increased resources, and support the demand for reasonable financing needs of various cycles of housing enterprises.CCB Bank said that it will work with enterprises to better support the reasonable financing needs of real estate companies, and to increase domestic and overseas linkage services and mother -child collaboration for normal real estate enterprises, through credit support, investment banking services, bond investment, exhibition period, and exhibition period and period.Comprehensive financial services such as adjusting repayment arrangements help enterprises to improve liquidity and help housing companies cross the cycle.

"The symposium discusses the content of the exchange, including credit quota, bond issuance, three major projects, supply chain finance, cross -border business, exhibition period and adjustment of loan arrangements, operating property loans, etc.Business, support is very strong. "Yan Yuejin said that it is expected that the bank's financing for real estate companies will have a systematic increase in support, including opening up a green channel for approval, two prices of development loans and mortgage, and use three well.Special products such as branches, creating four kinds of bailout models, and launching business property loans.In addition, in the new model of real estate financial services, housing, financing, and three major projects will continue to work.

Support real estate enterprise reasonable financing demand signals strong

Multiple banks have exposed to support real estate transcripts within the year

Earlier, a financial institution symposium jointly held by the three departments such as the People's Bank of China requested that all financial institutions insisted on "two unshakables", and one equally met the reasonable financing needs of different ownership real estate companies.Broken loan.

DongguanSecuritiesAnalystWu Xiaotong said that under the guidance of policy, recent commercial banks have held seminars intensively to release positive signals that support reasonable financing needs of real estate companies.Improvement of asset quality.

Many banks have also exposed the transcripts that have supported housing companies this year.For example, in the first 10 months of this year, the increase in various loans of real estate companies exceeded 90 billion yuan, the growth rate exceeded 12%; the cumulative personal housing loan was over 500 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10%over the same period last year.since this year,ICBCPublic real estate loans have invested over 300 billion yuan, and personal housing loans have invested nearly trillion yuan.

In addition, since this year, the loan of public real estate industry has invested nearly 300 billion yuan, personal housing loans have invested nearly trillion yuan, and the investment and underwriting amount of housing enterprises have exceeded 30 billion yuan.Since the implementation of the "three arrows" policy of housing enterprises, Bank of China has underwritten 20 private housing companies with bonds, and the total financing exceeds 20 billion yuan.

Soochow SecuritiesAnalysts in the real estate industry believe that the current real estate support policy has shifted from a heavy demand side to the dual -pronged approach of supply and demand, and it is optimistic about the continuous increase in subsequent policies.Housing storage high -quality, financial stable, resource endowment, and continuous improvement of product power are expected to cross the cycle, and the future will benefit from policy and market recovery. At the same timeIncrease opportunities.Southwest SecuritiesReal estate analysts said that for real estate companies, they still need to continue to make efforts on the sales side, actively repay their loans, and truly resolve debt risks.

Multi -bank explanation to support housing companies' financing private housing enterprises to welcomes profit

How to implement a new round of housing enterprise financing support?"Three are not lower than" the expected heating up