EH216-S of EHhang EH216-S launched the global commercial first flight to demonstrate the "low altitude 20" in Hefei to help industrial development

  On December 28,News information 2023, Yiyi Smart (hereinafter referred to as "Yiyang Intelligent") of Urban Air Transport (UAM) technology enterprise announced that the first batch of EH216-S drone carrier-loading carrier-certified aircraft was completed in Guangzhou and Hefei, respectively.The two cities have completed the first commercial demonstration, marking that EH216-S will carry out normalized air commercial flights in the local scenic spot.

EH216-S first flying scene./Interviewee confesses

  It is understood that the low -altitude economy refers to the main economic form of low -altitude people driving and driverless aircrafts, and taking low -altitude flight activities such as manned, cargo, and other operations, and radiation to drive the comprehensive economic form of integration and development in related fields.With the continuous development of domestic electric vertical take -off and landing (EVTOL) aircraft industry, the low -altitude economy has gradually become a hot star star.The Central Economic Work Conference held recently has clearly stated that it is necessary to vigorously promote the new type of industrialization, develop the digital economy, accelerate the development of artificial intelligence, and build a number of strategic emerging industries such as commercial aerospace and low -altitude economy.This is the first time that the Central Economic Work Conference has incorporated the "low -altitude economy" into the category of strategic emerging industries.

  As a key city to promote China's low -altitude economy industry, Hefei has continuously introduced relevant preferential subsidy policies and vigorously promotes the development, production, application, operation, service, and certification of low -altitude industrial clusters, infrastructure and related enterprises.At this activity, the Hefei Municipal Government released the "Hefei City Low Economic Development Action Plan (2023-2025)" ("low altitude 20").It is proposed to build a low -altitude economic headquarters agglomeration area, construction inspection and testing and airworthiness review base, build a flying service and control platform, open commercial air tour routes, and drone logistics distribution routes.

  The Hefei government selected one of the EVTOL operating points of the Lougang Central Park for its full -space unmanned system application demonstration project.As the world's largest urban park.During the park holidays, the flow of people can reach 300,000/day. A large number of air tourism, tourism, park connection needs and rich application scenarios can make Luo Gang Central Park a business operating site of EH216-S drone EVTOL.

  As a strategic partner of Hefei in the low -altitude economy, Yishhang Smart has deeply participated in the comprehensive application demonstration project of Hefei ’s full -space unmanned system in the past three months, and opened the normalized operation of unmanned aircraft in Luogang Central Park in HefeiIt is committed to making Luo Gang Central Park into the world's leading urban air transportation super hub.Outside the Luo Gang Central Park, the Hefei government also plans to cooperate with Yiyang to open air touring flights and services in Swan Lake and other scenic spots.According to the strategic cooperation agreement signed in October, the Hefei Municipal Government plans to provide 100 million US dollars of support for 100 million US dollars, including coordination or promoting procurement orders for no less than 100 EH216 series of unmanned aircraft.

  Zhang Quan, member of the Standing Committee of the Hefei Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, said in his speech: "The low -altitude economy is a new track in industrial development and a new engine of economic growth. In recent years, Hefei has firmly grasped national policy guidance, industrial development direction, technological changes, and successful.End in the nation's first echelon. Yiyang Intelligent is a leading company leading the global low -altitude economy. It created multiple & lsquo; the first & lsquo; the only & rsquo;The next commercial carrier's first flying demonstration marks the new chapter of Everlast Intelligence that has opened up the development of driverless manned aircraft development, and will definitely be included in the development history of the low -altitude economy. In the next step, we will work with key enterprises such as Yiyang Smart to work together., Grasp the open application, industrial cooperation co -construction, and innovative business models, and make every effort to build an international influence & lsquo; low -altitude city & rsquo;. "

  The official Xinxin, Chief Operating of Yihang Intelligent, said that after this period of the normalized flight of EH216-S in the Hefei Luogang Central Park, the local area has formed a good market foundation for developing the low-altitude economy.With the frequent introduction of the favorable policies from the central government, I believe that the low -altitude economy industry will enter the fast track.