The survey of insurance capital accelerates promotion to strive to stabilize investment income in the market outlook

Since November,高速资讯 insurance capital has continued to investigate multiple industries and related listed companies, especially for banks and other sectors.Although some insurance companies' investment income is under pressure, it still strives to maintain the stability of investment income in the market outlook.

Banks and other sectors are followed

The reporter sorted out and found that in November, insurance capital continued to investigate multiple industries and related listed companies, involving the industry including banks, machinery and equipment, artificial intelligence, medical devices, lithium batteries, chips, satellite navigation and other sectors.

Among them, since November, BOE A has released three investor relations record forms. In terms of research institutions, insurance capital has participated more.Tongluxun data shows that in the research activities released on November 29, more than 20 insurance capital participated, including Centennial Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Peking University Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Xintai Life Insurance Co., Ltd., etc.From the perspective of concern, the market mainly asked its intended investment and construction of the 8.6th generation AMOLED production line project, including investment partners, its own funds contributing, and technical routes.

In addition, Nikko Precision Machinery has also organized a number of research activities since November. In the record records of investor relations released on November 27, including Changjiang Pension Insurance Co., Ltd. and Zhongyi Life Insurance Co., Ltd.Participate in the survey, focusing on the progress of its thread grinding machine products and the advantages of industrial parent machines.

In the record of investor relationships released by Ping An in early November, the structural opportunities of the equity market are expected to continue, and TMT, automobiles, medicine, energy and other sectors are all areas where they are continuously concerned.

It is worth noting that in addition to the above sectors, the bank sector has also received the focus of insurance capital. Since November, research banks include banks, Bank of Suzhou, Bank of Hangzhou, Bank of Ningbo, Bank of Xiamen, Changshu Bank, etc.The research and focus involving the performance of the third quarterly report, credit demand and launch, next year's credit reserves, adverse rates, dialing coverage rates, and annual asset quality conditions.

Some people in the industry told reporters that due to the long -term investment attributes of insurance capital, insurance companies are more inclined to allocate stocks with stable returns and long -term growth, and their capital scale is relatively large. In terms of overall asset allocationIncome securities products; specific to stocks are also based on the direction of long -term investment value and stable income. Of course, under the large basic disk, there will be some flexible adjustments.

Some insurance companies' investment income is under pressure

Judging from the investment in the first three quarters, some insurance capital investment income is not ideal.

China Life claims that in the first three quarters, the stock market continued to be sluggish, and the structural differentiation was obvious, resulting in the company's equity investment income declined year -on -year.At the same time, the downward settlement of fixed income yields in the low interest rate environment has led to the pressure of overall investment income this year. At present, this is also a problem faced by the insurance industry.

Ping An of China said that in the first three quarters, the capital market continued to fluctuate, the credit risk of SMEs rose, and the real estate industry occasionally issued a breach of contract. The company's insurance capital investment portfolio achieved an annualized comprehensive investment yield of 3.7%and an annual net investment yield of 4.0%.

According to the Chinese People's Insurance, in the first three quarters, in terms of equity investment, the company optimizes the research system of the individual stocks with valuation and pricing capacity as its core, actively tap the opportunity of the industry's structural opportunities, and seize the main line of the market operation. At the same timeThe stock of listed companies with a relatively stable profit model and a high dividend rate as the main investment variety.

China Taibao also said that in 2023, the implementation of the new standards, the capital market fluctuations are completely in the net profit. Affected by the continued decline in the capital market, the company's investment yield is lower than the same period last year.

China Merchants Securities believes that due to the intensification of fluctuations in the rights and interests, low -end interest rates, low -end interest rates, and no expectations of real estate recovery, the investment income of the insurance industry in the first three quarters is significantly under pressure.

It is worth noting that the use of insurance funds in the third quarter of 2023 issued by the State Administration of Finance and Administration shows that in terms of personal insurance companies, as of the third quarter, the balance of capital use was 2.458 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.24%year -on -year.Bonds, stocks, securities investment funds, and long-term equity investment book balances increased by -2.88%, 19.14%, 16.60%, 19.85%, and 8.97%; in terms of property insurance companies, except for bank deposits, the book balance of related projects remained.Positive growth, of which the balance of stocks increased by 6.85%year -on -year.

Data of the same flower Shunshun show that in the third quarter of 2023, the proportion of new individual stocks such as NSWC, China Electricity Construction, Xinghuan Technology, and China Foreign Transportation increased significantly., GM software, car parts, etc.

Net profit growth rate or comprehensive recovery

Regarding the investment strategy of the market outlook, Ping An of China stated that the goal of the use of funds has always been the value preservation and appreciation of insurance funds, the main business of service insurance, and the balance of security, liquidity, and returns.The reasonable matching of the area, and strictly abide by the regulatory regulations such as solvency and large types of varieties, this major premise will not change.In terms of bonds, the configuration strategy will be the basic disk, and at the same time seize the transaction -type opportunity, the equity will continue to maintain the "dumbbell -type" configuration to consolidate the balanced configuration structure.

China Life claims that life insurance funds, as long -term funds, adhere to the long -term perspective of cyclical cycle to do a good job of management of asset -liability matching, and will insist on conducting investment operations around large -scale asset allocation centers from liabilities, and stabilize investment income within a long term.

Chinese PICC also said that in the fourth quarter, the uncertainty of the equity market brought certain disturbances to the fourth quarter and 2023 investment income collection.Strive to maintain relatively stability of investment income.

In addition, the person in charge of some small and medium -sized insurance companies also introduced to reporters that in the second half of the year, it will take liquidity assets and fixed income assets as the salary of the income, maintain the high current of assets, prevent liquidity risks, adhere to the bottom line of capital security, obtain the funding of the security of the capital, obtain the obtaining the fundamental security bottom line, obtain it to obtainSafety, determine income; find structural opportunities in equity investment, and obtain excess returns.

It is worth noting that since 2023, some insurance capitals are also actively deploying commercial real estate projects, such as CCB Life Insurance Co., Ltd. invested in the T4 office building project of Dongjiadu Financial Commercial Center (Greenland Bund), Shanghai, ShanghaiInsurance Co., Ltd. lay out the E-01 and E-05 plot C2 commercial and financial projects in Lize Road, Beijing.