The world's first high -temperature gas -cold pile nuclear power plant business demonstration project is officially launched in Rongcheng, Shandong, my country

  Shanghai Securities News China Securities Network. According to the National Energy Administration on December 6,Current Affairs on December 6, the special iconic achievements of the major national science and technology, the world's first fourth -generation nuclear power plant & mdash; & mdash;The demonstration project successfully completed the 168 -hour continuous operation test and officially put into commercial operation, marking that China has reached the world's leading level in the field of the fourth -generation nuclear power technology research and development and application.

  The demonstration project of High -temperature gas and cold stack of High -temperature gas in Rongcheng Shimao Bay, Shandong is one of the iconic achievements of major science and technology in my country. It was officially started in December 2012. It was jointly constructed by China Huaneng, Tsinghua University and China Nuclear Group, and has complete independent intellectual property rights.The grid -connected power generation was achieved for the first time in December 2021.