Hamas: Israeli UAV killed Hamas Political Bureau senior official Ali near Brurt

TheEmergencies Hamas Armed Forces and the Middle East News media reported that Israel conducted a drone attack on Hamas office located on the suburbs of Beirut on Tuesday (January 2) at night, killing Hamas senior official SalichSaleh Al-Rouri.

Aruri is a senior official of the Haras Politburo and one of the founders of its military branch Casam.The Casam Brigade implemented a sudden attack on Israeli territory on October 7.Last year, the United States rewarded 5 million US dollars to get his information.

The Israeli military refused to comment on the news, but Israel vowed to kill the key leaders of Hamas, and this action was in line with this intention.The war between Israel and Gashahaas has lasted for nearly three months.

Aruri leader Hamas existed in the west bank of the Jordan River occupied by Israel.Before Hamas invaded southern Israel on October 7, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had warned to get rid of Aruri.

The Lebanon National News Agency reported that four were killed during the attack.The attacked Hamas's office is located in a crowded residential area in the southern suburbs of the capital of Lebanon.

In a statement, the Lebanon Real Party said that "there will be no response or punishment for this crime." The Allah claims that this is "the development of danger during the war."

Fierce battle continues

At the same time, Israel launched an air strike on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. Residents reported that the Israeli and Hamas militants broke out in the central and southern parts of Gaza.

The conflict on Tuesday includes the Brahiegi region located in the Palestinian region and the second largest city of Gaza, Khan Yunis, south.


The Israeli military also reported that Israeli launched a new air strike on the Southern Lebanon, with the goal of the Allah Milks.The Allah is the ally of Hamas. During the Gaza War, he had been on the other side of the Evil on the other side of the border.

Israel also said that Israel hit the "military infrastructure belonging to the Syrian army" to respond to Israel's attack on Israel from the Syrian territory.

The Syrian National News Agency said that there were a few Israeli air strikes hit the outskirts of Damascus, causing "material damage."

Israel has warned that if the Lord does not stop, a comprehensive Lebanon war broke out.Both Hamas and the Lord of the Lord were supported by Iran.Iran's militants in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen have also been attacking Israel.

Post -war governance

During the war, a major issue is still unreasonable: how to govern the Josha and the Palestinians on the west bank of the Jordan River?

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a television speech on Tuesday that he was open to a single Palestinian administrative authority in Gagosa and the west bank of the Jordan River occupied by Israeli.EssenceGasha has been ruled by Hamas, and some government functions on the West Coast are responsible for Palestinian power agencies.

Hania's position is similar to the United States.The United States agreed that the Palestinian power agencies were eventually controlled by Gaza and the West Bank, while Neitanahu opposed this position.The Israeli leader said that the Jewish country Israel must control the "overall safety" of Gaza after the war, but it does not explain what it means.

The United States has emphasized that the Palestinians must be part of any post -war administrative authorities, but the future role of the Palestinian power institutions recognized internationally is still unclear.