Tonghua Dongbao: Leralu peptide injection was approved to be listed

  Recently,一线资讯 Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. received the "Drug Registration Certificate" by the Leralug peptide injection of the State Drug Administration approved by the State Drug Administration, becoming the second domestic company in the domestic Licara peptide injection.Enter the first echelon of domestic GLP-1 receptor agonist products. 

  It is understood that Lichelotide is an analog of people with pancreatic hypotonal peptide-1 (GLP-1), which can activate human GLP-1 receptors and promote insulin secretion of inspiration. 

  Licuru peptide injection, as the first GLP-1RA product approved by Tonghua Dongbao, has a milestone significance.With the approval of this time, the company has formed a comprehensive and rich diabetes therapy product system covering the full-category insulin and insulin analogs, DPP-4 inhibitors, SGLT-2 inhibitors, and GLP-1 receptor agentsProvide patients with richer treatment options. 

  After being approved for listing, in terms of domestic market, Leraru peptide injection will coordinate with existing products in many aspects such as market promotion to consolidate Tonghua Dongbao's leading position in the field of diabetes therapy. In the international marketIt will accelerate the registration declaration and subsequent commercialization preparations of Lillaugu peptides in overseas markets, increase market share as soon as possible, and lay a good market foundation for the company's subsequent GLP-1 products. 

  As a leading enterprise in my country's insulin industry, Tonghua Dongbao, in terms of GLP-1 pipeline, follows the mainstream R & D trend of global polypeptides weight loss and hypoglycemic drugs, and actively deploys a variety of GLP-1 receptor agonist products.In addition to the injection of the injecting liquid, there is also a Somalug peptide injection, a multi-target GLP-1/GIP dual receptor agonist, and a multi-pipeline of the GLP-1 receptor agonist at the same time.The GLP-1 pipeline reserves will be further explored and excavated in the treatment potential of weight loss, NASH, and other indications to expand the company's development space.