Zhang Ziyi stepped down as the chairman of the maternal and child brand drifting feathers. Shunfeng Investment withdrew its shares and floated feathers.

Tianyancha App shows that recently,独家资讯 Beijing Piaopiao Feather Brand Management Co., Ltd. has undergone industrial and commercial changes, with Zhang Ziyi stepping down as chairman, Qin Liping stepping down as legal representative, director and manager, and adding Shi En as legal representative, executive director, manager and financial controller. In addition, Shenzhen Shunfeng Investment Co., Ltd. has withdrawn from the ranks of shareholders.

Beijing Piaopiao Feather Brand Management Co., Ltd. was established in December 2016 with a registered capital of about 44,809,400 RMB, and its business scope includes selling food, enterprise management, organizing cultural and artistic exchange activities, undertaking exhibitions, ticketing agents, etc. At present, the largest shareholder of the company is Honey Bud Baby (Tianjin) Information Technology Co., Ltd., holding about 70.3%, and Zhang Ziyi's Gongqingcheng Bigfoot Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) is the second largest shareholder, holding about 24%.

According to public information, Piao Piao Feather is a maternal and infant brand, Angel Wheel has been financed by SF Group and Meihua Venture Capital, and Zhang Ziyi is the chief experience officer of this brand product.


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