Tracking Prime Minister Kishida (5th)


08:16 Arrive in the official residence.

08:23 attended the cabinet meeting.

09:22 Arrive at the Shishaomo Hotel,一刻资讯 Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo.

09:24 At the hotel's banquet hall, attended the international conference "GZERO Summit Japan 2023".Speaking.

10:04 Arrive in Congress.Use ATM.

10:11 Return to the official residence.

10:12 Interviews with various media.

10:50 Meet the president of the National Federation of Management Industry Cooperative, Fujikawa, and others.

11:27 Seeing the National Security Security Director Akiya Gangnan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Affairs Okno Masako, and the Minister of Foreign Policy Kawa Hyatsu, the disappearance of the disarmament, and the Minister of Science Beichuan Kelang.

11:36 Seeing the National Security Security Director Akiya Gangnan, the official official of the provincial affairs of the foreign affairs, Okno Masako, and the international intelligence officials Xinjuki Sakura.

11:50 International Intelligence Including Guan Xinjukuke left.


13:10 Drop -video message for "Japan ASEAN Young Business Leaders Summit" and other records.

13:26 Photos for interviews with "Time Review Society" of the Press.

14:52 Accept 6 industrialized sweet potato dried sweet potato from Fukushima Town, Fukushima Prefecture.The Liberal Democratic Party members are all present.

15:03 Seeing the president of the Party Senate, Guan Youguan, Kuan You.

15:59 Arrive at the Liberal Democratic Party headquarters.

16:01 Arrived at the party's constitutional amendment and implementation headquarters.Attend the Constitutional Modification and the Joint Meeting of the Special Group of the National Sports Commission.Speaking.

16:16 Return to the official residence.

17:22 attended the Economic and Financial Consultation Conference.

At 18:01, I met Azato Masuda, the second officer of the defense affairs.

19:14 Interviews with various media.