Take the opportunity of "selected online buzzwords", do a good "village word" sports event

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□ Liang Yufei (Hexi College)

On December 4,moment information the editorial department of "Bite the Word" released the "Top Ten Episodes of 2023", of which the term "Village Super" was selected."Village Super" has been brought out by the "Rural Football Super League". Since its start in May this year, it has shined greatly and has received widespread attention.At the same time, "village BA" and "village arrangement" and other events also "quickly out of the circle" with amazing energy and unique charm.(Surging News on December 4)

"Village Super" was selected as the top ten buzzwords in 2023, and the popularity of a series of "village characters" sports events, which not only reflects the strong appeal and attraction of mass sports events with strong regional characteristics, but alsoAll people's fitness is also of great significance to achieve comprehensive well -off and rural revitalization.To do a good job in the "village word" sports competition and promote the sustainable development of the countryside, the opportunity to make good use of "selected online buzzwords" is needed.

"Internet buzzwords" reflect the characteristics of the times, and also reflect the spiritual and cultural needs and ideological tendencies of the masses.With digital communication and the rapid development of self -media platforms, some cultural activities hidden in small city villages and towns have entered the public's vision.The reason why "Village Super" can be popular is not only in its own advantages and unique humanities, but also to use the emerging media to quickly expand its influence.As the beneficiaries of the development of new media, the "Village Super" continues to develop along this road so that it can exert the advantages of communication and make a difference.The competition is well -known, and the region is well -known."Village Super" will not waste opportunities only by seizing this development window and development opportunities, deepening competition construction and local cultural construction, and creating its own brand.

At the same time, it is necessary to make good use of the golden signboard of the "village character", which means that the village and town events must keep the local atmosphere and humanistic care.The "village -level event" is different from the commercial model that simply emphasizes professional competition. It is more inclined to the sports category of the masses, representing the eager needs of the general public for sports and cultural life.The lively view of the game, the harmonious game atmosphere, and the effort to organize the participation of people are the purest appearance of mass sports.The significance of sports to the public is health and happiness. Only the region can keep the original intention after becoming popular, keep the taste of "village", not rush to commercial monetization, and maintain the essence of the entertainment of the "village character" sports competition "happy".Only can this kind of competition develop long -term development, and can truly change the "traffic" of the Internet to "reserve" tourists and change the development of "energy" with activities.

The way of benefit is to walk with the times.To maintain the popularity of the "village super" and promote its further development, it is still necessary to continuously explore the development mode. Local governments should boldly innovate on the basis of retaining the essence of the event to find a new time and direction of the times.The current developed Internet communication is not only an opportunity for places, but it will also make it facing the challenge of the rapid change of taste of the audience. How to make the "village character" "popular and angry" is a question worth thinking about.