Unpaid energy Zhang Tianyu: Hydrogen energy is energy transformation and carbon neutralization and "must option"

The热点资讯 Arctic Star Hydrogen Energy Network was informed that Zhang Tianyu, chairman of the Weishu Energy, delivered a keynote speech on "Accelerating the Commercialization of Hydrogen Energy", and sharing the practical path and thinking of unpopular energy in the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles from an international perspective.Essence

Hydrogen energy is energy transformation and carbon neutralization and "must option"

Based on the national new energy target development plan, Zhang Tianyu analyzed the challenges facing wind power, photovoltaic development and traditional industrial transformation.

He believes that during the Twelfth Five -Year Plan and Thirteenth Five -Year Plan period, the development results of my country's wind and light far exceed the expected goals of national planning. It is expected that during the 14th Five -Year Plan period, wind power and photovoltaic will continue to grow at a high speed. The proportion of green power generation has increased significantly. In 2025 It will become the main power supply.

At the same time, climate issues have become an important prerequisite for the global market competition environment and international economic and trade rules in the future. The start and implementation of the European Union's "carbon tariffs" and the European "carbon trading market" policies will allow the export of traditional Chinese industry to further face the increase in "compliance costs to increase the cost of compliance.The situation of overseas competitiveness overseas.

In this context, "green transformation" will definitely become the focus of my country's traditional industrial transformation and upgrading in the next stage. As a representative of long -term energy storage, hydrogen energy is a key means and important resources for ensuring the balance of power and electricity in power and electricity. It will become a "required option" for green energy transformation and carbon neutralization, which will give birth to a new interdependence model and reconstruct the international market competitive environment and trade system.

"Demonstration Policies" high -level promotion to accelerate the construction of an independent controllable industrial system

Zhang Tianyu said that under the promotion of the demonstration policy of the five ministries and commissions, the internal circulation ecology of the domestic industrial chain independent, controllable and benign development has basically formed, and my country's fuel cell vehicle industry has achieved rapid development. "Ascended", and thanks to the increase in domestic acceleration and terminal application scale, the cost of product costs decreased rapidly, the number of domestic supply chain system construction and qualified suppliers continued to increase, and the localization rate of fuel cell products exceeded 95%. Facing the challenges of "high hydrogen prices, low hydrogen stations, and commercialization", of course, it also means more development opportunities.

He pointed out that in terms of hydrogen prices, there are large differences in the price of hydrogen in the north and south, especially the cost of green hydrogen hydrogen. It is hoped that it can accelerate the development of green hydrogen and hydrogen.Clean hydrogen.

In terms of hydrogenation stations, the current domestic hydrogenation station is mainly 35MPa, with slow energy supplement efficiency and high construction costs, and it is difficult to realize commercialization in the short term of 70MPa hydrogen refueling stations.In the future, the hydrogen refueling is mainly based on the two paths of 35MPa large flow and liquid hydrogen hydrogenation stations. It will be more advantageous and economical in terms of injection efficiency and investment cost.plan.

In addition, from the cost consideration of the full life cycle, under the short -term subsidy policy, the full life cycle of the hydrogen energy commercial vehicle TCO is sustainable than the electric commercial vehicle model.Electric and other zero -carbon technology route competes. It is expected that we will usher in the era of commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles in 2027.

Promote the cost reduction of cost reduction and efficiency and co -construction of hydrogen energy to develop the ecological chain with independent innovation

Zhang Tianyu said that under the guidance of the "double carbon" strategic goal, the powerless energy has been committed to actively exploring the "double carbon" evolution path with Chinese characteristics. The self -developed layout has long been prepared, and the initial practical results have gradually been presented.

At this stage, in order to further promote the descending of the industrial chain, the powerless energy adheres to independent innovation, actively attacks the key technologies of hydrogen energy, and revolves around the key technologies of hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen storage and core components.The independent research and development and large -scale production capacity of the hydrogen power system (fuel cell system, hydrogen storage system) and core parts, including: electric heap, membrane electrode, hydrogen storage bottle, hydrogen valve, etc., which greatly reduces market application costs.Promote the process of localization of key technologies and equipment products of hydrogen energy.

At the same time, in terms of demonstration applications, unpopular energy focuses on the rich area of hydrogen sources in the north. Through the industrial ecological construction, it deploys the medium and long -distance application scenarios such as dredging port transportation, short -term load, medium and long -distance high -speed, logistics transportation, etc. to help help help.Steel, coking and other high -energy consumption and emission industries have carried out clean transportation, enhance the level of environmental protection governance and industrial competitiveness, and accelerate green transformation.At present, after two years of demonstration operations, the three main points of "cheap hydrogen prices", "environmental protection transformation" and "heavy load transportation" have been summarized as the core opportunity conditions of commercialization.

In addition, the powerless energy gives full play to the advantages of resources, technology and industrial chain, and actively carry out the cooperation of hydrogen energy industry chain, hydrogen energy forward -looking technology and application research, and hydrogen energy project cooperation with upstream and downstream partners, high -quality enterprises at home and abroad.We will strengthen the closed loop of the industrial chain, explore the diversified application path of the development of the hydrogen energy industry, and promote the development of hydrogen energy applications to deepen and actual development, and boost hydrogen transportation from "demonstration operations" to "commercialization applications" accelerated.

At the end of the speech, Zhang Tianyu said: The development of hydrogen energy is the development consensus and inevitable choice of "energy, environment, and economy" under the logic of "energy, environment, and economy".In the future, the powerless energy will continue to adhere to the concept of "openness, cooperation, and win -win", give full play to the advantages of the hydrogen energy industry technology and resource advantages, and be willing to work with more industry partners to help the hydrogen energy industry and transportation, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, industry, and industry, and industry, industry, and industry, industry, and industry, industry, and industry.The integration and development of construction and energy storage and other fields has continued to promote the healthy and orderly development of the hydrogen energy industry.