Vanke's contract sales in November increased by 0.85% year -on -year in the marginal improvement signal of the real estate market

On the evening of December 4,热点新闻 Vanke A disclosed in November sales: In the month, the company realized the contract sales area of 1.908 million square meters, and the contract sales amount was 30.7 billion yuan.In this way, in November, Vanke's contract sales increased by 0.85%year -on -year.

In addition, many housing companies have released positive signals.According to the research data of Kerry Real Estate, in November, the performance of Greentown China, China Merchants Shekou, Jianfa Real Estate, Greenland Holdings, China Railway Construction, Yuexiu Real Estate, and Excellence Group achieved month -on -month growth.

IPG China Chief Economist Bai Wenxi told the Securities Daily reporter that the signal of the current marginal improvement of the real estate market has continuous support.On the one hand, the government's policy of adjustment and optimization of the real estate industry is long -term, and it aims to stabilize the market and prevent risks, which provides a solid foundation for the market; on the other hand, major doors and state -owned banks have actively responded to reasonable responses to reasonable housing enterprises reasonably.Financing provides support, which helps to relieve the pressure of housing companies.

Industry marginal improvement with support

At present, my country's real estate market supply and demand relationship has changed significantly.From the perspective of the supply side, on the whole, the problem of "whether there is" a "whether there is" is basically solved, but the structural lack of structural problems still exist; from the perspective of demand, the people have higher requirements for the quality of housing.House, get better services.

Faced with the new situation in the real estate market, policies that continue to introduce, the positive response of various departments and institutions, and the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise itself have provided continuous support for the overall industry's marginal improvement.

Specifically, in terms of policy, the government work report at the beginning of the year clearly states that it is necessary to "introduce financial support measures, support rigid and improved housing demand, and solidly promote the work of the people's livelihood to stabilize people's livelihood."A series of adjustments and optimization measures such as "reduction of the down payment ratio" have gradually landed, and then jointly held a meeting by the People's Bank of China, the State Financial Supervision and Administration Administration, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission to conduct a new round of arrangements around the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises. For the real estate industry, the real estate industryWhile supporting policies, the intensity is also increasing.

Zheng Juntong, an analyst at the middle finger research institute, talked about the future trend of real estate market policy that in the future core city policy may continue to be optimized. Beijing and Shanghai are expected to reduce the proportion of down payment for two suits, reduce mortgage interest rates, optimize the standards of general houses, reduce transaction taxes, etc., etc.Core second -tier cities are expected to further relax the purchase restriction policy.

From the perspective of the specific operations of various departments and agencies, the capital market continues to play the hub function and continuously implement the support of the support of the real estate industry.

For example, in the use of the "third arrows", the Shanghai -Shenzhen Exchange has continuously optimized IPOs and re -financing arrangements, and proposes arrangements for real estate listed companies to re -financing.

Data show that as of now, eight listed housing enterprises have been registered and approved by the Securities Regulatory Commission.Among them, the six are fixed increase, and the two are reorganized supporting financing.From the perspective of financing, the three have been implemented, with a total financing of 20.386 billion yuan, and the other five plans to raise 24.891 billion yuan.

According to Chen Sheng, the dean of the China Real Estate Data Research Institute, with the support of a series of favorable policies and measures, the substantial improvement signal of the market is accelerating the gathering.

Industry transformation and development have directions

This year's real estate market shows a trend of high, low, low, and stable.In the future, with the continuous implementation of the central government's decision -making and deployment and the gradual establishment of a new model of real estate development, industry transformation and upgrading and high -quality development process will continue to accelerate.

In the specific implementation process, the implementation of the "three major projects" of planning and construction of affordable housing, the transformation of the village in the city, and the "emergency two -purpose" public infrastructure construction is an important starting point.

In the view of Dongfang Jincheng analyst Tang Xiaolin, the "three major projects" will have an important impact on the future development of the real estate industry.In the short term, in the early days of policy implementation, the local area may focus on the acquisition of commercial real estate projects, which is mainly promoted to the affordable housing project, that is, while solving the problem of low -income groups and the phased housing of youth groups, some commercial real estate exfoliation problems are solved.In the long run, with the continuous promotion of affordable housing, the formation of the development model of the "dual -track" development model of affordable housing and commercial housing in the future will bring the structured adjustment of the real estate industry.

The capital market is also promising in promoting the "three major projects".For example, the Securities Regulatory Commission supports the deposit assets of live housing companies and promotes the normalization of affordable leased housing REITs.As of December 4, the cumulative 5 -order affordable housing REITs has been registered, of which 4 orders have been listed and raised more than 5 billion yuan.

In addition, on October 20th, the CSRC issued the "Decision on Modifying Article 50 of the" Public Raising Infrastructure Securities Investment Fund Guidelines (Trial) "to expand the type of public offering REITs pilot assets to consumer infrastructure.The document release is only about one month, and the 3 -order consumption REITs will be officially approved by supervision.