What are the applications of solar photovoltaic power generation?

It is 一刻资讯a technology that uses the direct transformation of light energy into electrical energy.It is mainly composed of. When the sunlight is illuminated, the atomic interaction in the photon and the semiconductor material produces the photoelectric effect, so that the electrons transition from the price band to the guide zone and form an current.This can form a photovoltaic battery pack through the series and parallel of photovoltaic batteries for direct power supply or storage of electrical energy.

The advantages of power generation include the advantages of renewable resources, environmental protection cleaning, low maintenance costs, distributed power generation and diversity applications.Solar energy can be widely used in various fields such as households, commerce, industry, etc., and can be built on large -scale according to demand.

The application of solar photovoltaic power generation includes:

The roof of residents' families and commercial buildings: By installing photovoltaic panels on the roof, solar energy is converted into electric energy for themselves, or excess electrical energy is fed back to the power grid.

Large solar power stations: Constructing solar power stations on larger land, and power generation through large -scale construction of a large number of photovoltaic battery boards to supply cities and industrial areas.

Far away from the power grid: such as remote areas, mountains, desert areas, etc., through solar photovoltaic power generation systems can be independently powered to meet local power needs.

Mobile applications: The solar photovoltaic power generation system can be applied to mobile devices, such as driving, ships, satellites, etc., providing portable power supply.