Wuhan 27.024 billion yuan listed 26 houses and 5 commercial land is expected to be transferred on December 26

Viewpoint News:On December 6,热门事件 Wuhan issued an announcement of the auction of martial arts (2023) Land Auction 28.

The announcement shows that there are 31 real estate land for this soil auction, of which 26 are residential land and 5 are commercial service land. The total area is about 153.04 hectares.100 million yuan, the above project will be held on December 26, 2023.

A total of 26 residential land was launched, with a total land area of about 138.76 hectares and a planned construction area of 3.232 million cubic meters. The residential land supply area was widely covered.There are corresponding projects such as the new urban areas and development zones such as Caidian, Caidian, East and West Lake, Economic Development (Hannan).

The announcement also launched 5 pure commercial consumption land, taking into account the improvement of the functions such as urban commercial, education, entertainment, and transportation facilities.Launched a city renewal project such as Land No. 126, located in Gutian Si Road, Laoukou District and the 140 block in Chubao films in Jianghan District.

The announcement pointed out that there are many projects with good regional and excellent conditions.For example, the No. 134 plot located at the intersection of Zhongbei Road and Huangye Road, and the No. 139 plot at the intersection of the Wudong Road and Baotong Temple Road.Along the line, business, education, medical and other supporting facilities in the region are mature, and the conditions of life and transportation are convenient, which can create high -end residential living communities.