Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province will help the people to help the enterprise through the theme education process

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Since the development of theme education, the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau of Hebei Province has insisted on investigating and opening the road, paid close attention to the people's hope of the masses, the worries of the enterprise, the grass -roots needs, touching the truth, finding the symptoms, and using the methods of solving problems, improving the work, and promoting theme educationThe results are transformed into high -quality development, optimizing the business environment, and ensuring the effectiveness of the people's livelihood.

Do practical things for the masses

Most of the things that the masses have reflected in many things are difficult for "hard bones".The Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau insists on making good use of people's livelihood hotlines such as 12345, 12315, 96365, to sort out the focus difficulties, and provide accurate targeting for investigation and research and reviewing rectification.

Elevator safety is closely related to the lives of the people.According to statistics from the Tangshan elevator 96365 rescue platform, the complaint rate for old elevators for more than 15 years accounts for 31%of the complaint rate of the total elevator.In response to the concerns of the masses, the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau regards the "high fault rate of old elevators" as a typical case of the theme education negative case. On the basis of urging self -inspection and staff training, the safety evaluation of the old elevator is launched to organize experts and rights.Frequent failures, slow rescue, and elevators in the public gathering venues carry out hidden dangers to investigate to allow the people to take the staircase with peace of mind.

The rural collection is the main place for the majority of farmers to purchase various foods. However, due to the characteristics of food operators in the market, it has always been difficult and weak in food safety supervision.To this end, the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau went deep into 8 counties and districts to conduct an investigation of squatting points, and proposed an innovative measure of "four unifications and two preparations".At present, the implementation of the permits between the rural sets of the city recognizes it. The first batch of 1,168 food operators on the large rural collection have all achieved a bright proof of the proof of the operation and are included in normal and standardized supervision.

Solve the problem for enterprises  

Recently, Hebei Weiji Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained a loan of 15 million yuan in banks with its own six patents as pledge.Zhang Liyi, deputy chief of the company's finance, said happily: "In recent years, the company has continued to increase scientific research and innovation, and the demand for mobile funds has increased day by day. This funds have really solved our" urgent need '. "

Combined with intellectual property pledge financing "entering the park" and "Quality Service Enterprise" and other activities, the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau adopts the company's "order order" and the government "on -site service" to solve the company's most concerned financing that the enterprise is most concerned about., Getting quality, cost -reducing, extended sales, rights protection and other common problems, we will actually enhance the sense of acquisition of enterprises.Adhering to financing enterprises, actively promoting intellectual property financial innovation, and helping 63 enterprises to obtain pledge financing of 2.255 billion yuan with intellectual property "light assets", and the financing amount ranks first in the province.Adhere to strong quality enterprises, set up 31 "one -stop" service stations for quality infrastructure to reduce costs of more than 3.9 million yuan and cost more than 67 million yuan for enterprises.Adhere to the expansion of the company, invite Internet celebrity coffees, and innovate the "Tangshan Youpin" live broadcast and cargo activities 5 times, cumulative sales of more than 500,000 orders and sales amounts of more than 20 million yuan.Adhering to rights protection enterprises and constructing the "1+N" intellectual property digital government affairs cloud platform, it has provided 412 overseas risk warning and rights protection assistance services to help enterprises recover economic losses of 6.6 million yuan.

Movement for grassroots

"The small bureau should have great ambitions and small bureaus. After being awarded the first batch of five -star market supervision and management office in the country, the confidence of our officer's entrepreneurial entrepreneurship is even more full!"Speaking.

The Market Supervision Institute is the forefront of the market supervision department listening to the voices of the masses and doing good people's livelihood. How, how, and how their ability to build, how capables, and style can directly affect the quality and effectiveness of the various tasks of the market supervision of Tangshan.To this end, the Tangshan Market Supervision Bureau highlights the distinctive orientation of "grasping the foundation and grasping the grassroots", penetrates 11 market supervision places in 10 counties (cities, districts), and adopts the method of "anatomical sparrow" to master the reality of the grassroots.Solving actual difficulties.