TCL Central 697 million yuan transfer polysilicon enterprise equity

December 4th,TCL Central issued an announcement saying that the total equity transfer of 27%of the 27%stake in the transfer of the company's participating company in Xinjiang Ghosnos has been transferred to RMB 697 million. The commercial delivery conditions for this equity transfer have been achieved.At the same time, according to the equity transfer agreement, the shareholders' equity generated before the completion of the industrial and commercial change registration date (including but not limited to the unpreceding profit, capital reserve, transferred registered capital, etc.) is still basedenjoy.

Discuss at low prices for equity quotation

This transfer originated from September 29 this year,The TCL Central issued an announcement saying that the communication entry with the member states of Wuhan Gold Metropolitanians planned to sign the "Equity Transfer Agreement" to transfer 27%of the equity of Xinjiang Ghosnos held by the company to the State Trust.The transaction price is based on the registered capital and surplus reserve of the target company as the basis for the price. The transaction amount is determined by the negotiation of both parties to be 697 million yuan.After the announcement was released, it suddenly aroused heated discussion.Xinjiang Ghosnis used to be known as Xinjiang GCL. It is a polysilicon enterprise established by the Silicon Industry, a wholly -owned subsidiary of GCL Technology on December 6, 2016.On June 30, 2017, TCL Central issued an announcement saying that it was intended to invest 150 million yuan to invest in GCL in Xinjiang, holding the latter 10%of the equity.On November 28, 2017, TCL Central issued another announcement saying that it was intended to adjust the investment in Xinjiang GCL from 150 million yuan to 450 million yuan, and the share ratio increased from 10%to 30%.
On July 26, 2019, TCL Central issued an announcement saying that it was planned to transfer a 3%equity of Xinjiang GCL for a price of 240 million yuan.After this transfer, the TCL Central held Xinjiang Xiexin's equity changed to 27%.According to the annual report of the TCL Central, Xinjiang GCL achieved a revenue of about 8.893 billion yuan in 2021, with a net profit of approximately 4.536 billion yuan; in 2022, the real estate revenue in Xinjiang was approximately 13.659 billion yuan, with a net profit of about 8.252 billion yuan.The impact on the net profit of TCL Central exceeds 10%.
In the first half of 2023, under the background of the plunge in silicon material, Xinjiang GCL still realized revenue of 15.709 billion yuan, with a net profit of about 2.023 billion yuan, and the impact on TCL Central's net profit still exceeded 10%.During the period, Xinjiang GCL also changed its name to Xinjiang Ghosn.
It can be seen that Xinjiang Ghoson is not a "hot potato", but a "profit dairy cow".More than 697 million yuan.Therefore, TCL's low price in Central to sell Xinjiang Ghosnis's equity is quite puzzling, and even caused investors to question.However, with the announcement of TCL Central in Central, the equity transfer matters have been settled.


Virgot of Vicoto has noticed that the following two reasons are likely to be an important factor that affects the low price of TCL low prices in Central Ghosin.One is the main production of stick silicon in Xinjiang Ghosn.At the performance briefing organized by GCL Technology on March 31 this year, it was clearly stated that it was about to withdraw from the field of silicon -shaped silicon.In terms of control, it is likely to have losses.
The second is to tighten the re -financing supervision.In April of this year, TCL Central issued an announcement that it plans to issue 13.8 billion yuan of convertible bonds. After deducting the issuance costs, it will be used for annual output of 35GW high -pure solar ultra -thin single crystal silicon wafer smart factory project, TCL Central 25GW N TOPCON TOPCON TOPCONEfficient solar cell industry 4.0 smart factory project.So far, a three -round review question letter has been received.

A few days ago, the Three Gorges Energy, which has a total market value of about 130 billion yuan, issued two announcements on transferring the equity of the holding subsidiary and the establishment of a new Guangxi company.

90%equity of the transfer subsidiary

On December 2nd, the Three Gorges Energy announced that the company intends to transfer 90%equity of the holding subsidiary Caixia New Energy Co., Ltd. (referred to as Caixia Company) at a price of 264 million yuan to the company's holding subsidiary Three Gorges (Anhui)Energy Investment Co., Ltd. (referred to as Anhui Energy Investment).

(Screenshot comes from corporate announcement)

The company said that the transfer of the transfer of the equity transfer company Anhui Investment Department Company Holdings subsidiary, the Three Gorges Energy holding 51%, the Three Gorges Capital holding 49%, the Three Gorges Capital as the company's affiliated legal person. After the transfer of the equity, AnhuiThe proportion of indirect shareholding of the Three Gorges Capital of the Three Gorges of the Three Gorges of the Three Gorges has increased. Three Gorges Capital is the company's affiliated legal person. Based on the principle of caution, this transaction is identified as affiliated transactions.According to the announcement, the business scope of Caixia Yingshang New Energy Co., Ltd. covers power generation, transmission, power supply business; solar power generation technical services; wind power generation technical services, etc.As of July 31, 2023, the total assets of the transaction target company merged the total assets of 1.116 billion yuan, the total debt was 853 million yuan, and the ownership of the parent company owned was 263 million yuan.The net profit of the parent company's shareholders was 0.33 million yuan; the asset -liability ratio was 76.41%.The Three Gorges Energy said that the equity transfer behavior between the company and the company's holding subsidiaries can strengthen the strategic cooperation between the company and the brother units, give full play to the business synergy effect, promote the company's development in Anhui Province, and further expand the industry in Anhui ProvinceInvestment demonstration effects and influence will create new models for the large -scale development of new energy business, which is in line with the company's long -term development planning.

Joint venture set up Guangxi New Company

On the same day, the Three Gorges Energy also issued another announcement. The company intends to jointly invest in the establishment of the Three Gorges Group Guangxi Energy Investment Co., Ltd., the holding subsidiary of the controlling shareholder.Monetary capital contributing 600 million yuan and 400 million yuan, respectively, accounting for 60%and 40%of the registered capital of the joint venture company, respectively.This transaction constitutes a related transaction, but does not constitute a major asset reorganization.(截图来自企业公告)公告显示,拟设立公司的实时新闻经营范围为:发电业务、Cheap Football Shirts输电业务、实时新闻供(配)电业务;境外投资业务;风力发电技术服务;太阳能发电技术服务;技术服务、Best Reps 技术开发、Technical consulting, technical exchanges, technical transfer, technical promotion; energy storage technology services; research and development of emerging energy technology; ecological restoration and ecological protection services; water conservancy related consulting services; engineering management services; equity investment and asset management.The Three Gorges Energy said that the company and the Three Gorges International jointly invested in the establishment of Guangxi joint venture is an important measure to implement the company's development strategy.Especially sea wind power business) and high -quality development and construction of overseas business provide multi -party guarantee and strong support.

Photovoltaic power generation increased by about 9% year -on -year

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