The advertising business of the third quarterly report of the large factory has increased, and the next city is the next city.

According to Alibaba's latest financial report,exclusive information customer management costs mainly advertising and commissions increased by 3%to 68.6 billion yuan at the same time, which also brought about the growth of advertisers after the AI upgrade of the marketing system.Taishan, CEO of Tao Tian Group, revealed that in August this year, the one -stop marketing launch system Ali Mom Mom has an unbounded version of the unbounded version, added more AI technology to provide data analysis and insight, intelligent identification target users and AI generating advertisementscontent.In September, the AI upgrade of Taobao's entire platform continued.

Compared with the small growth of Baidu and Ali, Tencent's advertising revenue has increased rapidly.In the third quarter of 2023, Tencent's revenue from the online advertising business was 25.7 billion yuan, an increase of 20%year -on -year. This increase also exceeded the two major business segments of value -added services and fintech.Since the third quarter, Tencent has emphasized that it has expanded the parameters of the advertising AI model to improve the accuracy of orientation and attribution; and began to provide advertisers with generatory AI tools to help them automatically generate advertising materials through text description and adapt to adaptationEach advertising inventory generates multi -sized materials, which provides new functions of the product to strengthen advertisers to improve customer acquisition benefits.

Globally, under the blessing of AI, Meta and Google's advertising business in the third quarter also maintained a double -digit increase, and the growth rate doubled in the second quarter.Meta CEO Zuckerberg mentioned at the financial report call that the AI tools they provided by advertisers promoted the results of Advantage+(Meta's automatic generating advertising system), and the annualized income brought about $ 10 billionMore than half of the advertisers use Advantage+creative tools to optimize images and texts and their advertising ideas.At the same time, the AI -driven information flow recommendation increases the activity of users.This year alone, due to the improvement of the recommendation algorithm, users spent 7%on Facebook, and the time spent on Instagram increased by 6%.

Google CEO Sandal Picchai also revealed that AI is helping advertisers to find as many ideal audiences as possible at as low as possible.According to the early test of Google, the AI tools can reduce the range of users by 42%, realize the increase of user range by 54%, and increase the average view of 40%for YouTube video.

Of course, in addition to these global manufacturers, some domestic technology companies with advertising business have also achieved new growth with the help of AI.The typical typical is like NetEase. In the third quarter, online marketing services have achieved strong growth in four consecutive quarters. The net income has reached 340 million, a record high, an increase of 113.5%year -on -year.This growth is mainly due to the accumulation of AI technological advantages and industry data, which has enabled Youtao to achieve real -time screening of precision population and real -time flow, which in turn has promoted the improvement of conversion efficiency, user satisfaction, and net income.

From content production to effect feedback, AI opens the full link of advertising

This year, the advertising revenue of major Internet companies has shown better growth. This growth is based on the very large "cost reduction and efficiency" pressure in the market, and the growth of the refined operations of various platforms.Its growth is more difficult than previous years.At present, the growth of AI for the growth of advertising business is already very obvious, and the first trials of the large manufacturers have gradually explored a path of landing development, which is the full link from advertising production to effect evaluation.

For most small and medium -sized advertisers, in addition to basic launch, the cost of advertising content is higher and the threshold is higher. Especially at the promotion node, this marketing material production is an inevitable expenditure.The promotional documents and promotion posters of the small circle of friends are as large as the production of product videos, which requires both professional and fast. This demand prompted Internet companies to improve the efficiency of content production through technical means.

For example, the Tencent Hybrid Model supports intelligent advertising material creation, can adapt to industry and regional characteristics, and realize the natural fusion of text, pictures, and videos.In Double Eleven this year, Xiaohongshu also launched AI smart note assistants to help merchants release the title, text, and pictures based on the product generation of products, so that the merchant can realize the one -key release of the product notes.And Baidu's "lightness" can generate 100 advertising copywriting in 2 minutes, and can make 1 digital video in 5 minutes. In addition, "Yang Ye", "Qing Ru", "Brand BOT" and many other genetic formulasAI's new advertising products, Baidu almost jumped out of the traditional Internet advertising model, from advertising orientation, creativity generation, auction process to the advertising release system and so on.

In terms of AI empowerment advertising and marketing, the e -commerce industry with trading attributes has even gone faster.For example, by upgrading the unbounded version of the universal platform, Bailing and AI technology, Ali Mom helps merchants to solve marketing and content problems and dilemma, bringing a simpler, more efficient and more accurate business model.During the Double Eleven of this year, on the unbounded product, for the first time, the comprehensive opening up from the account, channel, and data can allow merchants to realize the full channel launch and a full type of one -stop promotion at any time.Advertising Strategy.Secondly, the seven major scenarios such as people, goods, and Guan Jian's words have not been upgraded. Not only have the key upgrade in intelligent capabilities, they also have a relatively large upgrade of direct traffic and crowd promotion.The degree of controlling, continuously release the dividend of product technology upgrades to merchants.For merchants, you only need to choose a marketing scenario and express business demands to achieve more efficient launch through the ability of already mature productization and use algorithm intelligence.

With the help of AIGC models, AI can not only generate advertising marketing materials more efficiently, but also use AI to understand the content of advertising products and feedback from distribution and distribution to tap the potential business interests of users.For example, the Tencent mixed Yuan training model is precisely refined and grabbed the corresponding product labels and categories corresponding to the user language description in order to quickly realize the matching and recommendation of human goods, and finally improve the conversion rate.In the user consultation session, AI can also retrieve some common knowledge, answer and sell products to users, and improve the user's experience.

Currently abroad, Google plans to directly integrate search and shopping ads in the next few months into artificial intelligence -driven snapshots and dialogue modes. In addition, new original formats will be tested.advertise.Prior to this, Google has used AI to promote user purchases in its advertising business, but the integration of generating AI means that it can complete more complex business.

The advertising market has changed its structure, and the AI curtain has opened

As we all know, with the top marketing traffic, traditional Internet advertising has moved towards the stage of stock competition, but the market for the entire Internet advertisement is gradually expanding.Questmobile's data shows that starting in the first quarter of this year, the Internet advertising market has returned to growth. It is expected that the scale of the entire Internet advertising market this year will exceed 409 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5%year -on -year.

In this context, structural changes have also experienced the entire advertising market, that is, the core indicators of the advertising marketing industry have migrated user stickiness and user value. During this time, AI advertisements will bring great changes to the industry, including users, including usersPortrait, precise recommendation, content creation, data analysis to product design and other links.

For example, in the early decision -making side, in the past, companies needed a lot of time and manpower to conduct market research and data analysis to obtain consumer demand and market trends.With AI technology, this process can be greatly simplified and accelerated.The AI system can automatically collect, sort out, and analyze massive data, discover the laws and trends in it, and provide decision support based on these analysis results.On the production side, the content generation application of AIGC is the most. As the generation speed of AIGC has evolved further, in the past, consumer goods companies need to spend a lot of time and energy brand advertisements., Extend the creative imagination space.There are also on the effect side. AI can automatically identify users' interest points and needs, helping companies output thousands of people's copywriting, pictures, and video creativity in advertising, and reach the target group more targeted and deeper., Improve advertising to ROI and achieve precise marketing.

In addition, AI technology has also played an important role in optimization of user experience.In the past, enterprises need to communicate and interact with users by manually.The development of artificial intelligence technology now allows companies to automate and personalize users with AI intelligent marketing tools.

From the perspective of commercial new research institutes, generating AI can help advertising and marketing professionals formulate strategies and dissemination information more effectively.AI can analyze a large amount of data and understand the needs and behaviors of consumers, so as to help advertisers and marketers formulate more accurate target audiences and promotion strategies; generation AI can also be used to create personalized advertising and marketing content, improve the attraction of advertisingPower and user participation.

Guangfa Securities believes that under the empowerment of generating AI, the advertising marketing industry is expected to usher in iteration and change of business forms and business models.Due to the natural adaptation of the creative attributes of advertising and marketing AI, advertising marketing will become an important scenario for generating AI with a broad prospect.The global advertising market (especially Internet advertising) has entered the stage of stock competition. The competition of advertising platforms has continued to increase in competition. In the context of platform traffic tends to be saturated, the integration of generating AI and advertising marketing is expected to become a traffic competition.The important starting point of the advertising market may change the advertising market in the long run.

Of course, some people have put forward some concerns about the launch of AI advertisements.They are worried that the AI tools may lead to the standardization and homogeneity of advertising content, weakening the creativity and personalization of advertising.In addition, some people are also worried about the ethical and privacy issues that can exist in advertising creation.