There is the best time to lose weight, fitness, and sleep

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    ■ Bingbing

    Our physiological system is 高速资讯dominated by the biological clock. It takes 24 hours as a cycle to tell us the golden timing of sleeping, eating, thinking, and performing other tasks.

    Obviously diet, exercise, but not thin or spiritual; after one day, he could rest early one day, or make up for the weekend, but insomnia and dreams. After waking up, you are still weak ... Where is the problem?

    In "Excellent Time", Professor Russell of Oxford University ·Tell you with the latest scientific research results that have been affirmed by the Nobel Prize: The key to health is at Timing.

    Don't do it with the biological clock

    Everyone has heard of the "Biological Clock", and also knows a little knowledge related to the biological clock.Comprehensive influence.

    For example, people who stay up late believe that "get used to it when you are lingering", and believe that the biological clock can change and rebuild, but scientific research tells you that even if it is a person who has been in the night shift, there is still a 97%probability that it cannot adapt to the upside -down life of the day and night.Essence

    Many diseases have a clear time factors: the probability of a stroke at 6 am to noon is 49%higher than other times; the strong itching caused by eczema will reach the peak at night, especially at midnight; asthma at around 4 am at around 4 am.Symptoms are the most serious.Therefore, taking action at the right time may be more important than the action itself.

    In many cases, your success or failure (whether you drive home safely after get off work, or to achieve weight loss by dieting) depends on whether you cooperate with those cycles or do it with them.

    The best time to exercise, the best time to lose weight

    Russell Foster gave his "excellent time" plan based on the latest research:

    1. Sleep: Avoid drinking caffeine drinks in the afternoon and evening, reduce light 2 hours before bedtime, and discontinue electronic equipment at 30 minutes before bedtime;

    2. Work: 10 am is the time period with the highest cognitive ability, and the work efficiency is corresponding and the highest;

    3. Exercise: From 4 to 6 pm, metabolic rates and muscle strength reaches peak, which is the best exercise time of the day.Even in a rest state, we consume more than 10%of the calories in the afternoon and evening.

    Accept early morning light.Many people like morning exercises. During the morning exercise before breakfast, more fat can be burned.As for whether you are suitable for early exercise or exercise in the afternoon, you should be determined by your sleep.Of course, the best solution is -you can try to take about 20 minutes in the morning every day, and then exercise for 30 ~ 40 minutes in the afternoon.

    4. Diet: Metabolism will change significantly with age, and it is easier to gain weight after people get old.Part of the reason is that the rhythm of the day and night rhythm of metabolism tends to be gentle, and the various day and night rhythm participating in metabolism is no longer so synchronized.In general, metabolism is no longer strictly controlled, and this disorder has "paved the road" for weight gain and obesity.

    In addition, as we grow older, our laws of life become more and more fixed, and we will not miss any meals.In other words, we will eat because of "ordering" instead of eating because we are hungry.Therefore, in addition to controlling the amount of diet, it is also necessary to remember that it is best to eat a complete last meal before 6 pm.Eating big meals at night is prone to risk of glucose intolerance, diabetes, obesity and other risks.

    Sometimes all things can only find their own rhythm in a lively and fast -paced life in response to the biological clock and in response to physical needs.