This pillow is soft but not collapsed, comfortable to fall asleep

A good pillow,高速资讯 no matter how lying on the side and lying on your back, it is comfortable.

As if letting your body sleep in the clouds, you are sleepy almost when you lie down.

It's just a pillow at home, no matter what the material, it is always a little worse.

Fortunately, we found this"KRUNK · Super soft slow back to sleep pillow"It squeezed particularly soft, so soft that it would be flattened, but lying on it, it magically stabilized.

Material for this pillow-Non -temperature 0 memory cotton.

Sleeping into a slight trap in"Package",,Just right, just like in the cradle of the baby, it is very stable and secure.

Sleeping is neither very stunned nor too rebellious. When I move, I feel like I have been bounced, and I will not collapse when I sleep.

I especially like itSlow backspecialty.

When I turned over,It can feel the changes in stress in time, and "automatic" fills the gap at the shoulder to make the neck hang out.

andLarge pillow surfaceThe height is just right,It is not easy to fall on the left and right, and it can easily fit with my cervical spine outline. It is very comfortable whether it is on -the -fronting or sleeping.

Because it is directly taken from the source factory, the price is also very favorable ↓

A total of 3 height options,,The special price of this platform is only 119 yuan.

Slowly bomb+decentralized pressure

Pillow is used for memory cotton.

it hasSlow backandDecentralized pressureFeatures,By absorbing the pressure of shoulder and neck, rebound support, and naturally fill the gap at the shoulder and neck.

The advantage of the slow rebound is that it will not give an extra rebound force on the shoulders and necks.Can better protect our head and cervical spine and relax the neck muscles.

Let me show you the slow rebound effect of this pillow,Roll up the pillow core and let it go. The original state will be restored after 5 seconds. The buffer effect is particularly good!

It can also disperse the pressure very well. We take a raw egg for experiments.After pressing the hand, the eggs are still intact, which is too amazing!

The characteristics of slow rebound+decentralized pressure,Increase sleep comfort and let us have a better and faster sleep experience.

Super big bread pillow

Sleep on your side to sleep on the side, roll left and right, you can sleep well

In addition to the pillow, the shape of the pillow is also important.The common pillows on the market are generally availableType B pillow, saddle pillow and bread pillow.

Type B pillows and saddle pillows are artificial simulation physiological curves. Although they can support the neck,However, the conversion of supine and side lying is not used to adapt to everyone.

This sleeping pillow choosesBread pillowPillow shape,Because bread pillows are a kind of pillow type with extensive and historic, this pillow also meets the public's pillow habits.

For people with poor sleep, people who like to change sleeping positions,The plasticity of the bread pillow is better. Whether it is sideways, sleeping, or sleeping, it will not be very sloppy.

And its pillow noodles are also relatively large, it is not easy to fall on the left and right rolls., Can easily fit with our cervical spine contour!

In short, you will feel that you are super comfortable to sleep!

In addition, in order to allow everyone to have a better sleep experience, this sleeping pillow has also made a lot of effort on the pillow cover.

It is a brocade fabric while using it, which is very smooth and skinny. On the one hand, it uses milk silk fabrics, which is soft and comfortable to feel.

And there are some aboveMesh,,It can keep the internal memory cotton dry, and it is more friendly to those who sleep and sweat like us.

And, it is stillClass A fabric,,You can rest assured!

3 height options

Men, women, children can sleep well

Considering that there are some differences in the size and shoulder width of different people,Our pillow designed 3 heights ↓

Whether it is a man, a woman, an adult and a child, you can sleep comfortably if you like to sleep on the side or sleep on your back!

In addition, cleaning is also very convenient,The pillow core does not need to be cleaned. The pillow case is removed from the zipper.

Durable, durable,The cost -effective is still very high!

Good pillows make you more comfortable to fall asleep,Office workerStand for a long time, the neck, shoulders and neck sorrow every day,Change the pillow to it, relax physically and mentally.

Give your parents or eldersIt is also very intimate, spend a little money to the filial piety, so that the old man in the family sleeps comfortably every day.