What changes have long -term wet hair sleeping?Be careful about this kind of carcinogenic microorganisms soaring in your body

  [#【【【【【【【【【#?real time newsBe careful of this kind of carcinogenic microorganisms soaring in your body]#小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小#?After a day of tiredness, after taking a shower, the hair is often not dry, so I want to sleep.Frequent wetness to sleep?alert!This may make one of the dangerous microorganisms breed on the scalp, which will not only make the scalp grow red, and the dandruff increases, but also causes the risk of cancer to soar!Falling asleep will bring these damage after washing the head, the water is stranded on the surface of the scalp for a long time, and a large amount of water evaporates, taking away the heat, which will cause the scalp temperature to be too low.

  If the immunity is low, it is easy to enters the virus or bacteria that have already existed in the local area, causing upper respiratory tract infections, and cold symptoms such as runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, and even fever.

  The harm caused by wet fell asleep also includes the following aspects: 01

  Damage hair

  Hair is a complex network composed of protein and cells, which determines the strength and elasticity of the hair.

  The healthy growing hair can be stretched to about 30%beyond the original length after wet, and will not be severely damaged or broken.

  The hair is wet and sleeping, the hair and hair, hair, and pillows will produce friction, which is easy to curl and tangle. It may make the stretch of hair exceed the original elastic range that can be originally allowed, causing hair to break.


  Facial paralysis

  Facial paralysis, scientific nominal facial paralysis, general symptoms are crooked mouth and eyes. Patients often cannot even complete the movement of the most basic eyebrows, closed eyes, and drums.

  When the facial nerves are most relaxed and the resistance is the lowest when sleeping at night, if it is cold stimulated by wet hair, it can easily affect the facial nerves behind the ear, lead to local spasm, and induce facial paralysis.


  Seborrheic dermatitis

  Mara -colonel is a common normal parasitic fungus that is planted in a wealth of sebaceous glands.

  Wet hair may allow it to reproduce a large amount in the hair follicles, stimulate the skin to produce inflammatory response, cause itching of the scalp, many dandruff, and the erythema and pimples may be costed.Fall off.

  How does wet hair have a relationship with cancer?

  The latest research of Nature found that the number of fungi in pancreatic cancer patients with pancreatic cancer is 3,000 times the number of fungi in the normal population. The most important fungus is Mara -bacteria.Mara -bacteria will directly promote the growth of pancreatic cancer!The original source of this fungus may come from your scalp.

  After research, if you have these three performances, it shows that the number of Mara -colored bacteria on your body has exceeded the critical standard and has begun to induce disease.


  Small red bumps and pustules on the head, front chest and back

  If your head, face, and back chest and back are inexplicable, there are always hard acne, which may be a manifestation of Mara -coli bacteria began to reproduce.

  It is not as white tip like acne, but a rigid, consistent redness of redness, pimples that often appear in pieces, and there will be some itching.


  Eyebrows and nose peeling

  Is the eyebrows and nose always peeled red?Beware of dermatitis!This disease will have a manifestation of increased dandruff and strong sebum secretion, which will provide a good living environment for Mara -bacteria, leading to the onset.


  Increased dandruff

  The increase in dandruff is the most common manifestation of Mara -colonella. Its breeding on the scalp will cause excessive hyperplasia of the scalp keratin, which prompts a large number of keratin cells in the form of scales.

  How long does it take to clean the bedding to go?

  Except Mara -bacteria?

  Just once a week, try to ensure that the sun is dry after washing to avoid providing a humid environment for fungal breeding.

  Eliminate Mara -bacteria and eat these two foods often

  These two foods are oysters or wheat germ!

  why?This is because they are rich in zinc, and zinc is an important mineral element that supports the human immune system and promotes cell growth.The higher the zinc content in the epidermal cells, the harder the Marara bacteria, the more difficult it is to survive.