What are cats doing after you fall asleep?Maybe it is guarding your safety ...

ThePopular information cat is a night animal, that is, sleeping during the day and getting up at night.

So the cats we often see are lazy during the day, and we are full of vitality at night.

When we fall asleep, it is the turn of them to start activities. Do you know what they will do?

Today, Xiao 8 will tell you what cats will do after you fall asleep!IntersectionIntersection

Things 1: Jump up and down, run east and west

Some cats are very good. They know that the owner is asleep and does not want to disturb the owner.

But most of the cats are not, especially those who are still ignorant, they will become particularly excited at night.

The shoveling officer who raised a number of cats was particularly felt, that is, the sound of the cats running around at night, and the sound of the bottle and cans fell to the ground.

Things two: stay by your bed to guard you

The cat is the guardian of shovel officers. When you fall asleep, the cat will stay by the bed to guard you.

This is a manifestation of loving you. It is afraid that you will be attacked by other animals, so you stay by the bed to guard you.

Another reason is that you are afraid that you will go to sleep, so you occasionally step on you to make sure you are alive.

But sometimes it ’s very scary. You think about you open your eyes and find that there is a glamorous eyes staring at you. What is it feeling?

Things three: inspection territory

The cat's territory is very conscious. In its opinion, this family is its own territory and it is a lord.

The lord has the responsibility of defending the territory, so cats will inspect their territory at night, and they will go to see any corners to prevent the invasion of other animals.

Of course, when a cat encounters what you like, you will stop and play well, which is one of the reasons why the family will mess.

Things 4: Fantasy Passion of prey

Although the cat has been raised since childhood, it may never experience hunting, but the instinct of hunting has been deeply printed in the cat's DNA.

But in the current family, as long as you love it a little bit, there are basically no mice, so you can only catch cockroaches.

But cockroaches are not every day, so I can only imagine that they are pushing prey. Sometimes you treat bottle and toys as prey, and sometimes you can treat your hands and feet as a prey, and then the tragedy happens.

Things 5: Please ask you to get up in accordance

All animals have their own rules of work and rest. As long as the cat knows that the time is almost the same, they will jump to the bed and ask you to get up.

One reason is to ask you to get up to play with it, and the other reason is that you are hungry and want to call you to feed cat food.

At the beginning, I will call you meow meow. If you do n’t get up, you may resort to violence, and you will go down with a slap.

At night, it is the world of cat star people. At first, the piping officer who raised cats may not be used to it, but it ’s okay. Slowly you can practice the ability to not be afraid of noise, and go to sleep, hahaha!IntersectionIntersection

Finally, ask you all shovel officers

After you fall asleep

Your cat owner will