What are the benefits of pregnant mothers on the left?Keep these points in mind, fast collection if you need

We all know that pregnancy is a happy, happy and distressed thing. The happiness is that the entire family is about to usher in a new life. Everyone is full of expectations, and the distress is the whole period of pregnancy.Big belly, which causes something inconvenient to do, and even when sleeping at night, sleep will cause great trouble due to changes in the body.

So when you are pregnant, what kind of sleeping position should be guaranteed to sleep comfortably and help children's healthy development?In real life, many people have a lot of misunderstandings about falling asleep on the left. Some are mothers who reflect that they are easy to fall asleep. Her husband finds that he sleeps on the left side and will turn herself back.When you are pregnant, the sleeping position is still more casual. There is no need to deliberately maintain it. In the middle of pregnancy, it is recommended that the expectant mothers do not lie down to sleep. Instead, choose to lie on the side.Sleeping to sleep will cause the uterus to compress the lower veins and abdominal aorta, which will cause the blood circulation of expectant mothers to be affected and unable to fall asleep.

Falling asleep on the left can reduce the burden of a lot of burdens on the mother. First of all, the most important thing is to reduce the compression of the lower arteries of the uterine tape. It can improve blood circulation and increase the blood supply of the fetus, which is conducive to the development of the baby.Slightly bent, it can also relieve the pressure of the fetal weight on the internal organs and blood vessels, avoid short dizziness, low blood pressure, etc., while falling asleep on the left side is conducive to alleviating the pressure of the kidneys and liver, effectively reducing the mother's body swelling and effectively.Edema.

1. Keep the correct sleep posture

In fact, falling asleep on the left is not the whole body side, but a left side of the left side of 15 degrees to 30 degrees. This is the most comfortable. Mom can choose a more comfortable pillow and put a one between the legs between the two legs.Pillow to support the hips, which will greatly reduce the pressure and pain of the mother.

2. Choose comfortable pillows

Of course, the choice of pillows is also very important. Generally, we can choose a professional pregnant woman pillow. For example, our common U -shaped pillows will be the choice that many mothers want. The H -shaped pillow is simpler than the U -shaped pillow.If you are small, you can try to say that although the left side of the pregnant woman during pregnancy is better for the child's development and the physical condition of the expectant mother, everyone has their own habits, so you can adjust it according to his own comfort, instead of mandatoryness, not mandatory.Falling asleep on the left, the final purpose is to give expectant mothers a good sleep.

3. Make good sleep quality

We all know that if you want to have a good sleep quality, the premise must be using a good sleep environment. So before you fall asleep at night, mothers can drink a glass of milk, which is conducive to promoting sleep. At the same timeStimulating, horrible movies or TV series, you can listen to some soothing music, or watch some relaxed movies, so that you can relieve the pressure of the mother and make your mother sleep better.You should choose soft lights so that even if someone wakes up in the middle of the night, he will not quarrel with his mother's sleep.