When the baby sleeps, the novice mother must avoid these misunderstandings, especially the last

With the advancement of the times,high speed information the development of science and technology, more and more families choose to start training the next generation after obtaining good conditions. As the baby comes, the life of the family has become happier, but followed by itIt is also more stress.I believe that every mother has such doubts and concerns, so after the baby is born, will he affect the baby's growth because of some mistakes.

In fact, when the baby sleeps, for novice mothers, you must avoid these misunderstandings, otherwise it will really have a great impact on the baby's growth and development.

1. Let the baby sleep in an environment where the light is turned on

Many mothers think that the baby's debut is very strange to the outside world. If you let your baby sleep in the dark every day at this time, it will be very insecure.Therefore, mothers will buy some small night lights for the baby, or turn on the lamp to let the baby sleep. In fact, this idea is completely wrong, because the baby is a very dark environment in the mother's uterus.Therefore, there will be no statement of fear of darkness. On the contrary, letting the baby sleep under the bright light will have a certain impact on the nervous system and the brain that is incompletely developed by the baby, and it may also affect the baby's sleep quality.

2. Let your baby wear heavy clothes while sleeping

Many parents believe that after the baby is born, it is necessary to wear heavy clothes for the baby to sleep, so as to ensure that the baby has a sufficient warmth effect, but such ideas and practices are completely wrong.Because the baby's metabolism was very strong shortly after birth. If the baby adds heavy clothing when he sleeps, it will make him feel very uncomfortable. I am very serious.Humming will also make the overall environment more humid and sultry. This is the favorable environment of bacteria breeding. Therefore, after the baby is born, adding heavy clothes to sleep is wrong. Parents must pay attention to it.

3. A lot of cloth -made dolls will be placed on the baby's bed

Today's parents love their children very much, so that parents will buy for their children before the baby is born.A variety of maternal and infant supplies.Parents will come to the mother and infant products store to buy the children's required items after purchasing the children. They have even arranged a variety of plush toys for their children, and parents often use the form of plush toys for children.Reduce children's crying and attracting children’s attention. You are very bad for children who are just born. During the children's play, parents may not notice that the small ones of plush toys are small.The fluff will enter the child's respiratory tract.It is very easy to cause children's respiratory diseases and other diseases, and plush toys will add a certain chemical component in order to ensure their quality pass during the production process.When the baby is exposed to these chemical components, it will also be affected to a certain extent, so parents must pay more attention not to buy plush toys for the baby.