When the original cold winter, when the child was sleeping, Baoma tried not to do 5 "confused things".

Original title: In the cold winter, when the child sleeps, Baoma trys not to do 5 "paste things", and the child is less sick.

In fact, the weather is relatively cold in the cold winter season, which makes many baby mothers very worried, because for the children's physical resistance, especially in the cold winter, children often have colds.Especially for some children with poor respiratory systems, pneumonia often occurs, which is also worried about many parents.

In fact, for children, it is also the best time to protect the body when sleeping at night. Although many treasure mothers are worried that the baby will be too cold while sleeping at night, so wearing thick clothes for children, but in this caseAffecting children's sleep habits, this will not only make children sleep well, but also affect the baby's growth and development. Therefore, when sleeping at night, Baoma should try not to do these five "confused things" to get less sick.

In the cold winter, these five wrong "sleep habits", Baoma tried to "avoid" as much as possible!

In fact, for many children, they will choose to put socks for them at night, because the weather is relatively cold at night. Many Baoma thinks that if the baby will freeze the feet outsideWhen wearing socks, it is likely to inhibit the blood circulation of the baby's feet, which is also a reason for the reduction of the baby's sleep quality. Therefore, for the bad habits of wearing socks to sleep, Baoma try to avoid it.

For most babies, they always love to turn over and kick the quilt while sleeping at night, so many Baoma will put thick clothes for the baby in order to prevent the baby's cold, but for this approachIt is against the wishes, because for babies who often wear thick clothes, they are more likely to have a cold, because when they are too thick, the baby may sweat in the middle of the night, but the sweat on the body does not wipe it in time in timeDry, this is the reason why the baby really caught a cold!

For most babies, if they always wake up at night, many Baoma will think that they are hungry, so at this time they will give the baby a lot of foods that are easy to eat, especially before going to bed, they will coax their childrenEat more foods, but if you eat too much food, it is also easy to affect your baby's health, because it is weak for the child's digestion and absorption function. If you eat too much at night, it may affect the baby’s stomach’s stomachCreeping may also affect timely time, which is very unfavorable to the growth and development of the baby!

For many adults, they always feel that if they start to sleep at night, they will feel particularly comfortable, so for many adults, they are also used to putting their children in their own.It is also warmer when sleeping, but this is not the case, because for babies, if they are placed among adults, they may cause them to be hypoxic, and even when adults turn over and press them to them, they may cause their babies to suffocate.Said is not good!

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