The increase in people who are sleeping bridge caves now are a hidden danger for social order!


I do n’t think so,重大新闻 the current economic situation is really not very optimistic. As a large number of foreign companies switch to Southeast Asia, the domestic unemployed population has continued to grow. Some young people do not make money outside. They feel that they have no face to go home and have to choose to wander out.There are still many people who are forced to become a French -raising house. After sweeping the floor, they may also go out to wander. There is also a winning loser. People who have no income at a young age may come out to wander.

Nowadays, videos of ordinary people's suicide in recent years have been reported. Indeed, people's social life pressure is too great. Many people will collapse and depression, and some people even lose their confidence in living.I am convinced of the video of someone living in the bridge cave, because I also lived when I was young.

Yes, according to relevant statistics, the disposable income of Chinese people's residence is 37,000 yuan, but the difference between the region and the region is huge, and there is still a six -fold gap with the developed countries. There is still a huge number of unemployment in China.Difficulties in life.

With the increase in the gap between the rich and the poor in China, a large number of wealth flows into the pockets of a few people, and more and more people who are unemployed and unemployed. Red has not made money to go bankrupt, and some people who have failed in business have been forced to leave. In addition, my country is not enough to protect the vulnerable groups. Some people are forced to run under the bridge cave to wander.

First of all, solve a problem, why do Chinese people have serious division of polarization of rich and poor?Because the Chinese worship power deeply and lack universal values, the feudal autocracy for thousands of years has made people divide the society into three, six -nine.There is no concept of equality and lack of faith. The significance of many Chinese people is living in biology. In order to satisfy their own food and drink, material enjoyment, do not have bottom lines, lack rules in the field of social distribution, unconcerned in the field of social distribution, hardworking and hard work, hard work and hard workPeople who do not get the respect they deserve.

The simplest example is that the high -rise buildings in the city are lined with, car water, and migrant workers are sweating like rain.Excuse me, how many migrant workers in China can build buildings that can afford their own buildings?A large number of social wealth is harvested by real estate developers.

Originally, our chief designer planned to make some people get rich first.Okay now, some people are indeed rich. Some of these rich people choose to roll out to go abroad with good living conditions. Although some of them are rich in China, they have been not satisfied., Make more money with capital.I have not helped the poor to take everyone to get rich together.

why?Because the Chinese have been very unique since ancient times, mine is mine, there is no real belief, and I do n’t know how to share it with everyone.The general circle is the circle of relatives, the circle of friends, and the circle of interest. People outside this circle are outsiders and have nothing to do with themselves.This is the inheritance of the feudal emperor for thousands of years. Only I am independent, authoritarian, and in an orderly manner.

Because there is no conviction, many Chinese people live for themselves, live for money, live for power, never consider the life of others, and do not consider the needs of society.This is the root cause of the inner roll. Don't say that there are 1.4 billion people in the Chinese, even if there are only one family of several people, it is the same. This is determined by national culture.

The culture of a nation determines his political system and his future.Now that everyone cannot be rich in Taoism, it can only solve the problem of wealth through the second distribution of heavy taxes from the rich.But the problem is that the vested interest group refuses to sacrifice. Rich people always want to have more money. As for the dead and death, it has nothing to do with him.

Only a country that believes in everyone's equality, and a country with democracy and freedom can truly implement the welfare of national social welfare.Many times, you are not because you are not working hard enough, but that the money you earn for you is too clean.You only know that you are buried to pull your car, you don't know how to look up at the road, and you don't understand the human relationship and social relations.

If those who are hungry and cold under the bridge cave, once the people who have eaten the pause, have the power to have wealth, will it be better for the poor?No, because many of them live for their own interests, they will even intensify, and they will be more ruthless to the poor.

In fact, when I was young, I also lived in the bridge hole for a while and knew the taste. In the 1980s and 1990s, I came from my hometown to a wandering in the south and lived in the bridge hole for a few months.Taste the suffering of the world, one more life experience is not a bad thing.

Now that I have a lot of policy, I see those who live in the bridge cave with the quilt themselves, and some still ride a battery car. It may be unemployed in the city and has no money to pay the rent.Some people also bought instant noodles, and they might also soak noodles to eat.Although it is poor and hungry under the bridge cave, the waves of the sky, carefree, quiet environment, everything must be acquired.

When a person is nothing but in the world, you can understand the principles of many life.When a person is worried about three meals a day, and eating is the happiest thing. After eating full meals, he has more troubles and pursuits.In fact, I want to understand that life is alive, but it is more than 30,000 days. I have three meters a day, but I sleep only three feet. It is really tiring to carry too many things in my heart!

Nowadays, no one is caught in the sleeping bridge. In the last century, it was caught in the city who wandered outside.Only to release it.

In 1987, I was only 16 years old because I was caught in the stray sleeping bridge hole in Guangzhou. I went to the Tan Patana Farm for three months. Later, my father sold an old sow and spent 200 oceans to redeem me from the station.

Today, many people have been carrying mortgages. Now the situation is not good in the past two years. If the mortgage is not yet on, the house will not be on the house.There are already 58,000 settlements in Nanjing, and another 1,400 units were added last month. In December, it is estimated that there may be 2,000 more sets. Before the end of the year, Nanjing will definitely exceed the 60,000 sets of method.More serious things, the transaction of the French shooting house is also declining month by month.

The French -shooting room was basically bought by the poor in order to achieve housing dream loans, and they bought it for marriage.The real speculators have long earned a lot of money, and they have left the scene.

At present, although there are 600 million houses in Chinese houses in general, it is severely saturated, but it is difficult to fall in a short time in a short time.

Some people are unemployed or entrepreneurial bankruptcy can only be forced to discrete, and the house becomes a fellowship.Homeless, I had to sleep in the bridge.

Of course, some people think that the red sleeping bridge hole in the end of the net is not worthy of sympathy. These people are leisurely and attempts to get rich overnight.The reason why sleeping bridge caves is to take my own blame. Why don't you find a job as a normal person?

First of all, the environment is not good now, and the economy has declined, and there is really not so many jobs.Most of those who scold them are those who receive a high pension.China's factory conditions are very poor. Workers not only have poor labor conditions, low welfare benefits, often 12 hours of work system, no freedom, young people can not stand the suffering.Ning Ken went out to take out of takeaway or wandering. After eating, he didn't go down or go to the factory.

The number of unemployed social unemployed rose, and some homeless people were forced to wander in the east, facing the past, hungry, and people can easily break through the imprisonment of legal morality when they cannot survive normally.What measures should the state take to solve these problems?

The increase in the number of social unemployed and the problem of homeless people did constitute a serious hidden danger on social security.In order to effectively solve these problems, the country can take the following measures:

1. Employment creation: The state should increase its efforts to promote economic development and increase employment opportunities.The government can introduce a series of policies to encourage enterprises to expand the scale of recruitment and provide more job opportunities.In addition, through training and education, you can improve the skills of unemployed personnel and enhance the competitiveness of their employment.

2. Social welfare: The state should establish a comprehensive social welfare system to provide necessary living relief and employment assistance for the unemployed.This includes providing basic accommodation conditions, medical security and psychological support to help them pass the difficulties and re -integrate into the society.

3. Family poverty alleviation: The state should strengthen support for poor families and provide opportunities to help them get out of poverty.This can be achieved by providing employment skills training, entrepreneurial support and fiscal assistance.At the same time, encourage all sectors of society to pay attention and support poor families, and provide opportunities for charity donations and voluntary services.

4. Online employment platform: The state can establish an online employment platform to provide more information and contact channels for the unemployed to provide more employment opportunities.This can facilitate the employment information of the unemployed, and strengthen the matching of job hunting and recruitment, and increase the chance of employment success.

5. Strengthen social security: The state should increase the maintenance of public security and increase patrols and security forces, especially in the concentrated area of stray staff.At the same time, strengthen the connection and communication with stray staff, provide necessary help and guidance to prevent them from violating legal and social norms.

In summary, solving social unemployment and homeless issues require multi -party efforts, including creating employment opportunities, providing social benefits, carrying out family poverty alleviation, establishing online employment platforms, and strengthening social security.The comprehensive effects of these measures can help improve social problems and provide better living conditions for the trapped people.