Wu Jinren, please go to bed early tonight for 1 hour!

Five hazards of playing mobile phones before going to bed for a long time

Many people are used to playing mobile phones before going to bed,独家资讯 and even playing mobile phones after turning off the lights.

Damage to the eye macular area

Look at the mobile phone for a long time,It will lead to a decrease in ciliary muscle function, and thenEye fatigue and easily induces symptoms such as vague vision.Some people who like to turn off the lights to watch their mobile phones can easily lead to stimulation of the macular area, and mayTempting glaucoma, elderly macular lesions, etc.When it happened, the blind rate of these diseases was high.

also,Some people are accustomed to lying on the side to play mobile phones, which may causeThe difference in eyesight is too large to form a refractive.Some people even had a brief blindness in one eye.

Cause spinal disease

Many people nest in bed playing mobile phones,This posture is not conducive to spinal health.According to the Metropolis Express, Hangzhou 26 -year -old girl Xiao Chen (pseudonym) lying on the mobile phone for a long time,Frequent dizziness, eventually diagnosed "global joint sprains".

Xiao Chen was leaning on the sofa to play with his mobile phone, lying on the bed at night, and often lying for two or three hours ... The high -intensity papers for two consecutive months exacerbated the progress of the condition.According to the doctor, the universal joint is located at the top of the spine and is the connection of the marrow and spinal cord. If there is misplaced or sprains,It will directly affect the brain, and then it may affect all organ functions of the whole body.

Affect sleep quality

Mobile phone blue light has a alert effect,It will delay sleeping time and affect sleep quality.The so -called poor sleep quality is that there are many dreams, not sleeping well, and easy to wake up.Due to the abnormality of melatonin secretion, it affects sleep because of the abnormal secretion of melatonin, which is called "day and night rhythm disorders sleep disorders".

Affecting brain health


Seattle children's behaviorScholars Dimitri,Children who have studied healthy life and children who are addicted to electronic products, found that children who have long -term indulgence in electronic products have a shrinking state and messy texture;The child with a healthy life is clear.

Causes emotional disorders

Playing mobile phones before going to bed will not only affect sleep, butIt also affects emotions.Insomnia and emotional disorders are causality and worsening each other.I ca n’t sleep well, in the long run, emotional problems may occur,Including irritability, depression, anxiety and social disconnection.

It is difficult to fall asleep, it is recommended to do 5 things well!

It is difficult to fall asleep, and many people choose to lie down and play mobile phones.As a result, playing with mobile phones for a long time is difficult to fall asleep, it is simply a vicious circle.Is there any way to help us fall asleep quickly?

Maintain regular sleep habits

Many people have because of work or personal habits,I will not go to bed at a fixed time. Over time, the biological clock is disordered, the schedule is not regular, and the quality of sleep will be reduced.Fix a time to bed and go to bed,,At first you will feel very restricted, but you will definitely get huge health returns in the future.

Don't do these things before falling asleep

An hour before going to bed,Don’t go online, it’s best not to bring your mobile phone or computer to the bedroomItemsOne hour before going to bedDo not have emotional dialogue;Before going to bedIt is not recommended to drink plenty of water,,In order to prevent suddenly want to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night; dinner must be inEat 3 hours before going to bed before going to bed,,Try not to eat as much as possible afterwards; at nightalsoIt is not recommended to perform strenuous exercise.

Keep a suitable bedroom temperature

Reduce the surrounding environment temperature,It can indeed improve sleep.The temperature around 20 ° C is suitable for sleep,,For the elderly and children, the sleep temperature should be slightly higher.

Do some other relaxation before going to bed

Relax,Not playing games and swiping mobile phones.We canTake a hot bath, read some relaxed books, do simple stretching, or listen to white noise(Wind sound, sound of rain, flowing water, waves of waves) and so on.It may be difficult to adapt at first, but after getting familiar with the body, your body will feel relaxed and happy.

Can't sleep and try to meditate

If you can't sleep, you can't sleep,We canTry meditationEssenceThis is a common method for psychologists. It is very effective whether it is yoga, pest or insomnia.Throw out those messy thoughts, imagine that I have bathed the sun on the beach, enjoy the beauty on the peak, and even a number of sheep can be tried.

From today

If we can swipe less

Go to bed early every day for 1 hour

The body will change a lot!

Source: Health Times

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